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In the 5G Review Shanghai meeting yesterday night, I spent 1 hour drawing two pictures. I didn’t learn drawing before, so they are the first few “real” drawing I created. Check if it is good.

Original object

Hand drawn by Jian Shuo Wang. April 06, 2006

Hand drawn by Jian Shuo Wang. April 06, 2006

Don’t take me wrong. I found drawing can help me concentrate to the topic – just like staring at scene outside the train window helps deep thinking; listening music can inspire one’s mind, drawing in meeting can help fill in the consciousness with something, so to cultivate deeper think.

Drawing itself was inspired by Art of Travel by Alain de Botton.

13 thoughts on “Look at my Drawing

  1. Haha…This is really interesting. First time got to know that Mr.Wang is also quite skillful in drawing, though i would probably be unable to recognize what’s on the paper if Mr.Wang has not posted the real picture simultaneously.

    Anyway, i do appreciate Mr.Wang’s courage and effort in trying everything new and challenging. So, give it a shot, Mr.Wang! We might have the honor to attend your private painting show someday in future.

    Wish you and Wendy a nice weekend!

  2. I’m not skillful in drawing.Any way, It’s not important at all. Do you feel comfortable or happy when you draw any color on a vacant paper. I can identify you are a freshman when I see you drawing .Because the lines you have drawn are not joint, so It looks grass.But shape is perfect.

  3. hehe~

    the first few “real” drawing u created?

    wonderful really!and the second picture i love better since it seems like to broadcasting that “looking at me!” @^-^@

  4. The drawing was inspired by “On Procession of Beauty” from the Art of Travel. The author encourage people to draw, no matter what the result is. The more important thing is, you gave the object enough concentrated time to learn where the beauty comes from.

  5. 哈哈。果然是玩魔方的。空间想象思维和一般人就是不一样。特别是那个DC。

  6. Hehe. For the DC, I didn’t take care of the right round side. But it created some kind of Van Gogh effects.

    crayfishfarmofohio, I didn’t remove any comments except spams. I did lost some during the last server outage. Maybe yours are among the comments. Sorry about that.

  7. wow, looks good. if i could even draw half that nicely, i’d post mine too…but I cant. Thats why I shoot photos aorund Shanghai instead. But, hmmm, maybe i should try drawing and then post with my blog stories too…:) Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. hahaha….i am amused….^_^

    (Didn’t mean anything bad, but just feel very humorous…)


  9. When I first read this post I looked up the book and bought a copy. I just finished my first read through today. I’m glad you mentioned the book.



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