China International Boat Show in Shanghai

Image credit: CMP SinoExpo

I didn’t know this event before. Anyway, it is the 11th time this event is held in China. Boat is just too far from me. The market of marina hasn’t really started yet. I met with Mr. Yuan, the CEO of a boat importing and reseller company at Taihu. He introduced the boat show to me and generously sponsored two tickets for me. Well. I start to get interested in boat. I guess I will be there next Sunday. Here are the pictures of the last year’s event.

Thanks to my friends in B.V. Capital, I had my first and exciting experience to go sailing in the Bay area last April. At least, I know there is a red rope on the boat that I can pull to lower the sail completely. :-) (Pictures)

There are many lakes in China, especially the east part of China. But they are very seldom leveraged. People don’t go there for sailing, or surfing. I hope this event will help to promote water sports.

P.S. Maglev stopped operation for 1 hour and a half due to technical difficulties this morning. It is not so positive news for Shanghai-Hangzhou Maglev project.

P.S. 2: Oriental TV in Shanghai is creating a morning program for bloggers in Shanghai. Anyone interested? Please contact Miss. Zhang at [].

8 thoughts on “China International Boat Show in Shanghai

  1. Hi Jianshuo

    Nice posting !

    Take a look at

    3000RMB/year for a family membership, bus every sunday from Puxi (50RMB return trip) or go by your own car on the A9, can use the club boats without fees, nice environment at the Dianshan Lake, etc, etc.

    This weekend is “open days” at the lake because of the exhibition – wanna go ?

    Then send me an SMS.

  2. Hi Janshuo,

    My name is Laurent, I’m a member of the Shanghai Boat & Yacht Club (SBYC), cited by Carsten.

    I can confirm the good news : we will have 2 special Open Days during the Shanghai Int’l Boat Show, on Sat., April 8th, and Sund., April 9th. Everybody is welcome to join us and experience sailing. The cost is only 50 RMB for the bus (return trip), sailing is free.

    Please come and see us at the Boat Show, booth W1318, we will happy to tell you more about the Club.

    Best regards,

  3. How to get there, i am stay at longyang road, and i think i can take line 2 to People square. Since i am from india and cant speak , read chinese , it will be great if JainShuo guides me from People Square to the Exhibition center.

    thanx and i visit this blog daily. keep it up . Its a great one.-anil

  4. Could you please E Mail me an invitation to attend the show so I can apply for a VISA , tomorrow,

    I will arrive in SHANGHAI on the 4th of April and leaving on the 7th of April .

    My E Mail Address is

    My Company is International Yacht Sales

    23, Old Oak Close



    WS9 8 SE


  5. Hi Everyone,

    Stumbled on Jianshuo’s blog while seeking China boat show info on the internet. Jianshuo, great site! Could anyone advise if there are any other yacht shows upcoming in China this year? North: Beijing/Dalian/Qingdao… or other locations on Southeast or Southern coast?

    The one you all talked about in Shanghai, is this the biggest boat show in China? If not, which one would it be and when is it?

    Many thanks for your help!


  6. Dear Sirs;

    We would like to visit Appril 6-9 Shanghai Boat show,please send two tickets to below our address and possible send some local Hotel informations??much appreciated for your quickly response.

    Best regards,

    Michael Chang




    Tel:886-222 569 373

    Fax:886-222 569 371

    Monile Phone:0910 218 881

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