Met with An Ti, Chedong and Ada

Chatting with friends are nice. I have some wise and inspiring friends around me. I feel so lucky about that. Some ideas captured during the chat.

1. The trends are pretty linear and it is important to keep close eyes on what is about half steps ahead you.

2. Accumulate something that is can be accumulated, instead of some temperary stuff that can be easily crashed or taken away. What is more important does not really mean what is commonly accepted.

3. Focus in one specific area and be really good at that area works better. Maybe Wiki is a great way to organize knowlege related area.

4. News is something like sales. Reporter sale the news to editor, editor wrap it up and sale it to cheif editor and then sold to end user.

5. Good interview questions are those questions that no matter positive or negative, no manner comment or no comment all make the headline news.

P.S. They are all thinking of quitting blog in 2006 and change to something new.

Thanks for sharing. Good luck, guys.

Links: Chedong/Ada, An Ti (ops!)

2 thoughts on “Met with An Ti, Chedong and Ada

  1. I like Anti and his blog. by the way, I invite you and wendy to my wedding at Feb.11. I think she will receive a card of invitation and this card is for you both.

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