Xiangyang Marketing will be Shutdown?

On the Shanghai Airlines flight from Shanghai to Beijing, I read the news on Shanghai Morning Post that Xiangyang Marketing will be shutdown soon.

I have a mixed feeling of the news.

Due to Fake Goods

According to the news, the reason to shutdown the market is because of too many fake goods in the market. 8 of 10 complain received on counterfeit goods are reported to be happen in Xiangyang Marketing, the commercial department said.

It is absolutely reasonable number. Just go there and see how many people approaches you and ask you whether you want LV bags or Rolex watches and anyone knows how serious the problem is.


I have the mixed feeling of the market. It is the place for me to go buy some really goods stuff. I don’t care about brand too much, and I specially feel bad to wear something you know it is fake. However, many stores really sell good goods (with unknown brand) at very reasonable price. I don’t know where to go after it is shutdown. Department stores are too expensive and too few choices, and other bargine markets are not as fashionable.

However, the problem of the counterfeit goods are so obvious and many people to go there just to buy “Rolex” watches for 100 RMB or LV bags for 80 RMB.

Overall, I welcome the news. It is the first step to regulare the market. They are doing the right thing.

33 thoughts on “Xiangyang Marketing will be Shutdown?

  1. What so wrong with Xiangyang Market?

    Anybody been to Times Square in New York can tell you the place is flooded with vendors selling faked goods same as Xiangyang Market. Any complain will turn to a deaf ear.

  2. Most likely, the sellers of fake goods will just move to a new location, or find a different way to sell, so will the shutdown be effective?

  3. huh?? Stephen when was the last time you were in Times Square? 20 years ago?? I have rarely seend any fake goods in Time Square. You might have irritating vendors hawking their cheap products every now and probably you will be able to find counterfeit goods somewhere in nyc but times square flooded with fake goods? Thats a joke.

  4. huh?? Stephen when was the last time you were in Times Square? 20 years ago?? I have rarely seen any fake goods in Time Square. You might have irritating vendors hawking their cheap products every now and then, and probably you will be able to find counterfeit goods somewhere in nyc but times square flooded with fake goods? Thats a joke.

  5. Probably the landlords of Xiangyang market will close down and build a large new building to rent to the previous and new vendors. This is what they did in Beijing for the Silk Alley/Street with much success.

  6. 佚名, his English is far better than my Chinese, French, Spanish, Italian, or any other second language. I’m actually rather impressed with his progress.

  7. I applaud Jian Shuo for having the courage to write his blog in English even though that is his second language and he has never lived in an English-speaking country. Doing so enables folks like me (who cannot read Chinese) to get these great tidbits of information on China.

  8. It is a shame to rate this as “one of the best blogs”! To my knowledge, there are many better Shanghai blogs (in English) . Here, I just want to mention one updated on a daily basis:


    Seven Castles (A Shanghai blog featuring news and views of great interest)

  9. Yogo, have some manners and show some respect when you visit a community like this. The blogger (Jiang Shuo) has put in a lot of effort and passion to write his blog. I went to your Seven Castles blog and you know what is the biggest problem with it? It has absolutely no frigging personality and is dry and read like a brochure. The blogger didn’t even have the guts to put something on the profile page.

    You are the one who should be “shameful” for your rudeness

  10. What’s wrong with the poor PC that produced distorted images and misprints (check the names the junk spelt)?

    It takes me lots of time to go through all the entries in Seven Castles. PC should be disappointed in the fact that the owner of Seven Castles did reveal lots of the personal info here and there!

    To those who are interested in Shanghai, Seven Castles is highly recommended. You can also go to China Blog List (Shanghai) http://www.chinabloglist.org/list.php?category=0&geo=40&orderby=0&perpage=10&action=updatefilter

    that includes Seven Castles, WJS and many others for a comparative study.

  11. Seven Castles does have a lot of interesting info but it’s very impersonal. Also, I don’t need to go to a Chinese blog to learn “Sharon in serious condition after surgery to stop bleeding in brain” (Item #5 from Jan. 7 Highlights).

  12. Well, Mark, shall we have a discussion here?

    I found the owner of Seven Castles reveals his personality but does not give away his privacy. Some people sell their privacy on the Internet, but I don’t think it’s appropriate. A good example is that WJS changed his way and left out most of his personal info in this place. Ask him why!!!

    As for the item of “Sharon in serious condition after surgery to stop bleeding in brain” that you are not interested in, I believe Seven Castles has his reason to choose it from many international news he gets. You were overcritical for that, as you see it is difficult to cater for all tastes. Just enjoy what you are interested in!

  13. well said Yoyo, exactly, if you are not interested in what WSJ says, then don’t read it and get out of here and go enjoy Seven Castles.

  14. Thanks everyone for your discussion here, especially everyone who tried to clarify the propose of a blog and the difference between a blog and a newspaper. I typically don’t jump into discussion about my “poor English”, or the guidelines to choose a topic. :-)

    It is so common for people with different point-of-views and different background, different hobbies to gather at the same blog, and people don’t neccessarily agree with each other. It is especially so when there are much more than 10,000 people from different places coming to the same site. I am overwhelmed about the wonderful guests I have here. I am used to it. Only when someone firmly believe in diversity of views and value the point-of-view of only one person (this include himself), he is the courage to stand up about whatever he believes is right, and try to learn more. No one is perfect and no one understand all. This gives me a lot of courage to share because when you prepare to accept the fact that you may say something wrong when looking back after several years, I dare to write something. So be peace. Don’t get annoyed by any comment. It is just the fact of the nature.

  15. 作者:liuzhou 2005-09-19 04:42:14)



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    王先生的原文:Taxi is becoming a headache in Shanghai. I remember about three years ago, taxi is abandon resource and I can hire a taxi easily – empty taxis are everywhere.


    Taxi is becoming a headache in Shanghai. I remember about three years ago, taxi is(是不是应该用was?) abandon(这个单词什么意思??是不是为abundant) resource and I can(是不是应该用could?) hire a taxi easily – empty taxis are(是不是应该用were?) everywhere.





    2005年9月18日 23:37

  16. Yoyo,

    what is your reason for ramdomly pasting something some anonymous guy has written last September (proper quoting normally includes the source aswell, but nah…)

    Are you jealous that so many people like this blog? Yes, Mr. Wang’s English sucks sometimes – so what? Perfect language skills isn’t everything in a blog. If you’re not satisfied with this blog, go ahead and write your own. And then deal with the punks who come along to whine about improper grammar.

    The thing is: people like this blog because it provides useful information about Shanghai, it provides an insight into the lives of people on the other side of the globe and so on. And not copied lists like “You Are Russian!”

    Also, I really don’t get the point of the article you’ve quoted: is he saying that if you can’t handle the “bone” of a language you shoudn’t use it in public? Quite interesting point for a globalized world in which learning a language is quite fundamental. He won’t allow foreigners to blog in Chinese, nor Chinese to blog in English. Whoah, that’s communication!

    After all, this is a lesson in democracy: people come here because they like this blog. If they thought that grammar was the most important thing on this site, they wouldn’t. Period.

    Go figure.

  17. Yoyo, you are either stupid or ignorance.

    This is a blog, personal things. You want to read it here fine, otherwise scram. If people says it is good it is excelent why you are so envious.

    As for language skill, hmm there are the so called Singlish (Singapore English), Indoglish (Indonesian English) and sure Chinglish.

    Even in England I found so many people do not speak the Queen’s English. Try to go to Scotland, Wales, deep west in England. Language is a dynamic things.

    For me what this blog communication is clear, that’s it, communication.

    I used it for informing friends and family visiting Shanghai on how it is in PVG airport or Hongqiao. They all said thank you.

    Get a life Yoyo.

  18. Teddy is right.

    Language is only a tool for communication.

    If most of us can catch what Jian Shuo means, it’s not a big deal if Jian Shuo can find time to do a spelling/grammar check before posting.

    All human being make mistakes.

  19. 也谈英文






    Language is only a tool for communication.


  20. haha, poor Seven Castles’s yoyo. try very hard to lure people there, but you try too hard, make me dont even have the interests to click your precious URL.

    May I suggest you move your blog here, and post it in comments, so maybe more people will read it :)

  21. Yoyo, I go ahead and look the Seven Castles blog. The blog is boring and the image is blur. Not sure what the blogger want to deliver. Think about it. Blogger is a very personal thing. Remember this.

  22. More about Xiangyang Marketing upcomg news

    News that Shanghai will close its biggest market for fake goods is a blow to thousands of foreign and domestic tourists – but a gold mine to the developer able to acquire one of the last major plots in the downtown commercial area.

    The site has attracted interest from many Hong Kong and overseas developers, including Sun Hung Kai Properties (SHKP) and Hutchison Whampoa. The land price will be more than two billion yuan.

    “Within two-three years, the rental of Ka Wah will reach US$1.50 to US$1.70 per square metre a day.” Over the road, the Ka Wah office building commands rents of US$1 per square metre per day, one of the highest in the city.

    The city’s National Business Daily reported on Friday that SHKP had reached a preliminary agreement with Wandu under which SHKP would be the prime developer and Wandu would have a shareholding of 20 to 40 per cent.

  23. Its obvious that this is just a tactic to buy time.

    Closing down Xiangyang market is purely a symbolic move to show that the government is serious about IPR violations.

    The reality of the situation is that it does not address the starting point which is the manufacture bases.

    All this is going to do is make small pockets of mini Xiangyang markets appear in different parts of town. In my opinion the effect will be to simply increase the number of places that you will easily find copied items.

    In fact I recently read an article to back that up where a DVD shop (pirate DVDs) is now selling designer handbags. The owner of the shop said its because Xiangyang market is shutting down – the article is here:


    I am sure that he is just one of the first, and over the coming weeks and months we will see more and more of these shops springing up all over town.

  24. Ha, fellows, quite agree with u, I don’t think that XY can be closed! That’s just impossible. Probably juridically – yes, but in fact – NEVER! Don’t get nervous, there always will be these pretty courteous men on the streets with irritating intentions to sell smth… By the way, I guess it’s quite a funny place & popular among expats, tourists & locals. It’s a fun right? Like a huge brand sale…

    One more thing: speaking about English here. Dear Yoyo, it’s such a stupid thing to blame smb for making language mistakes.

    quote: “我想,这样的一个例子已经足够说明问题了,不用再分析下去了,因为王先生这篇英文BLOG起码还有20个左右的语法和时态上的错误,当然这是我个人的怀疑。我说过,我英文不好,也有可能是我的怀疑错了也不一定,还请看到这篇文章的英语高手和王先生指正。




    I found some mistakes in your native chinese too,ha ha though I’m a classical 老外 but anyway life is a constant process of self-developement & studying, right?

    For me this blog is interesting cause I can see chinese local’s point of view about 上海,& if he writes in English it only means that he’s eager to speak English well, to communicate with others widely – my respects.

    JianShuo, keep going!

    Everybody – thank you for reading my poor english too. :)


  25. Offical say it will be shutdown, but I thinks it’s only to satsify US in the international commerce for the fiber goodies export of China.

    Someone say there will be a new market in Longhua to provide to those shop which doesn’t sell fake goodies in Xiangyang Market. So I thinks actually it’s a”move”.

    And I think the main reason of it is Metro Line Construction.

    Xiangyang Market is a temp land since it open, Metro Line 10 and Line 12 will go through here and cross with Line 1 in the Plan.

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  27. It won’t be shut down until May. Take your time.

    This is the first time that I’ve been here. It’s really interesting to read all the staff.

    Thank you Jianshuo!

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