DSL in Shanghai

DSL (a.k.a ADSL) in Shanghai is the best quality broadband solution I have seen so far.

Iti s better than FTTB+LAN solution (which I am using at home) in terms of quality. ADSL is more reliable and more available. Sometimes FTTB+LAN fails because of lack of maintainance for the network equipment in your area, and it is only available for specific residential areas.

In contrast, ADSL seems always fast and reliable, and most places can just upgrade from a telephone line. I am of very pure luck that ADSL is not available in my area, which is very rarely heard among my friends.

“How Do I Get ADSL?”

It is easy. Just dial 10000 from any telephone and ask for it. They may not speak good English (I heard, since I didn’t try their service yet). If you rent the apartment, be sure to call your land lord to install it for you since it requires some documents.

P.S. This is among the most asked question. Many people cannot survive without broadband, but broadband is not a standard facility for rented apartments. For more information, check the Related Entries section of this article.

P.S. So nice to meet Xiaofeng today. Very inspired by her passion and vision. She mentioned the term “Global Leadership”. I like this one, including its pronouniation. :-)

9 thoughts on “DSL in Shanghai

  1. ADSL is better in the market now just because of the monopolization of China Telecom. It occupied most of bandwidth of China Network. I am the subscriber of GWBN in my home, and I am loyal to it for several years, though sometimes I got angry when I lost the access to the internet and no customer service from carrier.

    I dislike China Telecom, even want to change my local phone service to another carrier immidately if I can.

    Wish the monopolization goes to hell in China.

  2. Jian Shou, It was so nice meeting you yesterday too! You actually inspired me to bring up the subject of “Global Leadership”.

    It feels so great when you see a brighter future when you walk away from a discussion. Cheers!

  3. I wonder if you can help, i am going to teach English in Ningbo next month but can’t seem to get a flight there at a reasonable price either from Shanghai or Hong Kong.

    Hope you can advise me or point in the right direction. Flights to shanghai and hong kong are reasonably priced but going that extra journey to ningbo seems to be beyond my price range!!!

    Confused?? Help please!!!

  4. cassie, take the Shanghai-Ningbo bus, about 100 RMB one way.

    It is very safe and luxurious, and have space even for big westerners.

    Takes about 3-4 hours depending of the traffic.

  5. cassie, you may take bus JC5(机场五线)to Shanghai Railway station,then take the inter-city train between Shanghai and Ningbo. I recommend that you take any one of the trains below.

    Train Dep. Arr Price

    T741 06:30 — 10:00 54 RMB

    T743 11:05 — 14:35 54 RMB

    T739 11:13 — 15:08 54 RMB

    T745 14:40 — 18:31 54 RMB

    T747 19:10 — 22:40 54 RMB

    If u tell us the school you’re going to teach in, we may give u more infomation.

    Good luck!

  6. tokkey and carsten, thanks for helping other users.

    Bailuo, the question is wired. Many people in Shanghai use Firefox. I do. But I don’t think the rate may vary greatly between cities.

  7. Regarding ADSL:

    I have had it at home for 2 years now. At my current house, it is the only option and I must say I think it is useless. Foriefn sites load very slowly.

    The cable TV internet I used to have elesewhere in Shanghai was must better.

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