Tulip Sleeps in my Garden

After the Art of Travel, another book I am seriously reading these weeks are:

The Botany of Desire, a plant’s-eye view of the world

It is a book about plant’s world. Very interesting and help us to be more clear about the human being’s role in the world.

In the book, the author Pollan talked about four plants in four chapters

Apple, Tulip, Potato and Marijuana

They were taken as example of how the Botany of Desire of plants guided human’s behavior.


I think Nov is just the right time to plant Tulip. We went to the flower and plants market at the Long Yang Road Metro Station (just about 200 meters south of the station), and got some roots of Tulip. I carefully put them into the soil and keep my finger crossed for good luck of the Tulips.

Hopefully, next Feb, they will grow up and have followers. I hope to share the picture of the Tulips in my garden about 4 months later.

To plant something is a pleasant experience. It brings me closer to the nature, and it helps me to learn planning better. Everything is going on so quickly, and becoming quicker and quicker, thus gives us the wrong image that we can speed up a lot of things. Plants and flowers are there to remind us silently, and gracefully that there are many things that you must be patient about. If I want nice flower next spring, I have to plant it now. If I want to get good business or personal life result, I need to plant now.

Now when I am writing my personal life plan and business plan, I take my 17 little Tulip as a compass and measure. Just as I discussed before, Pressure is About Expectation, when we set the right expectation, there is really not too much pressure on me about my Tulips – no matter how hard I work, they will not show the flower earlier. :-D

P.S. Tulip pictures on flickr.

P.S. 2: There are some controversial comments in my previous discussion about BBC’s interview. Open and honest discussion is good, and is always welcome.

What a pity that anyone of us can only see part of the world, no matter how hard we try, and how wise we are. We are all the blind men in the “blind men and the elephant” story. Our view changes depending on our experiences. It just always changes. So keep open mind and don’t argue too agressively for something we “currently” “think” is right.

Can anyone can claim that their point of view never change in the last three years? Personally, I changed a lot. You will see the conflicting posts in my past three years of blogging. For example, I was a strong supporter of road sign numbering system in Shanghai, but changed my mind after one year. I strongly disagreed with the rule to ban beggars in Metro system, but changed my mind one year later. So if anyone didn’t change their mind in the last three years, then close your ears and only open your mouth. Otherwise, the debate is often something between you and another you after three years, or you and yourself three years ago. It is more likely everyone’s view is a honest reflection of the real world, but only part of the world. I encourage open communication but not personal attack. It is always the rule on this blog for both sides of the discussion.

7 thoughts on “Tulip Sleeps in my Garden

  1. Wow, WJS, when you compare “blog censorship” with “road sign numbering system in Shanghai” and “the rule to ban beggars in the Metro system”, I just wonder what is going through your mind?

    Reading your blog occasionally over the past 2 years, you have represented yourself to be a most intelligent and active member of the Shanghai young and upwardly mobile crowd. So there is no reason to be upset by the tactics of a BBC correspondent, and you really do not have to feel the need to defend the policies of the government. As your blog has always been mainly a journal of your business life and a guide to Shanghai, political and social angles were never your strengths anyway. Having said that, I think I understand why you were feeling frustrated in the first place.

  2. If Wang Jianshuo decides it’s time for him to defend every policy of the Chinese government, so be it.

    The analogy of censorship and road sign system in Shanghai, only exposes Mr.Wang’s own moral bankruptcy,which is only a franction of the regime’s. Keep going on, Mr. Wang, since morality has never been your concern.

  3. Good work, I planted 20-30 tulips bulbs and lots of others in my yard too. I did that earlier because it was colder in my place. Hope I am going to see something next spring. Heard about the colder the winter is the better for tulips.

  4. Yes, Shane. According to some books, in Shanghai, around 30N (30 degree north), the best time to plantTulip is mid of Nov. I am just too rush to put it into the soil. Hope it works. Let’s share some pictures of your and my Tulip sometime next spring. :-)

  5. Jianshuo, seems that you cannot avoid political comments or “solopolo’s” here…

    Just let it slip into one ear and out of the other, if you don’t care. Just live with it.

    I see clearly that your changing mind is a result of your youth, – enjoy it as long as it lasts !

    Well, I planted tulip “onions” in my garden at home years ago, but I only see them by occasion for a few days a year, if I’m lucky to be in my “real” home (and out of Shanghai) at that time of year. Looking forward to see photos of yours in the springtime !

  6. Thansk carsten. Recently, I deeply fall in love with the nature – the world consists of plants and animals. Then I learn to appreciate *deversity* more than what I believe. So having the diversified view in the comment section is always a good thing. So I am not so annoyed to see different comments. How are you doing all these days? I still want to thank you again for the ear protector you gave me the last time F1 runs. It was a great gift. :-D

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