How to Tell if Someone Block You on MSN Messenger

Due to the privacy improvement of Microsoft on MSN Messenger, it seems definitely impossible to have a tool to check whether someone blocked you, or he/she is always offline. Many people claim they have MSN block checker. Unfortunately, they are useless, if the privacy setting is turned on (the default). It is very unlikely the person you want to check has changed the setting.

The only way I can think of is to call some friends (who also on that person’s contact list) and see if the status of the person is the same. If he/she appears offline on your MSN Contact List, but online on the other, you must be blocked by that person.

If you don’t have this kind of friend, or you don’t want others to know what you want to know, just create a new MSN account, and sign in MSN Messenger. Then send an invitation to that person until he/she add you. Then compare the status.

However, Try Your Luck!

I do have a tool that can help you to try your luck. Although only once out of ten times of try may turn out to show you the right result (when your friend did turn the privacy setting off), if you are feeling lucky, give it a try:

Try Your Luck and See if You can Check Whether You are Banned

Updated April 8, 2008

There is a technique to check whether you are block by your MSN contact. However, this technique has a very limited usage senario:

  • The person you want to check has a Microsoft Live Spaces Blog (previous MSN Spaces Page)
  • The person also set the setting to “Only allow access to Messenger contact”.

If the above are all true, you can try to visit that person’s Live Spaces Blog. If you can access it, although the person may seem offline, you are not blocked. If you cannot see the space blog, you are for sure blocked.

As I said, there are no other good way to do it so far.

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  1. There is a way to tell if someone has blocked you on MSN.

    Go to Tools



    then right click on the names in your allow list. If the option to delete is available then they have blocked you. If not they haven’t.

  2. This is completely wrong:

    “There is a way to tell if someone has blocked you on MSN.

    Go to Tools



    then right click on the names in your allow list. If the option to delete is available then they have blocked you. If not they haven’t.”

    By using this method you will only be able to ascertain whether or not you are on someones contact list… if you CAN delete them then you are not on their contact list. However if they have blocked you, whether you are on their list or not, the option to delete them will not appear!

  3. How do i know my contacts blocked me or appear offline or is there a way that i could go to a website to know who bloked me?

  4. If someone has deleted me from their contact list (I have MSN they use Yahoo) how come they still show on my contact list?

  5. Forget all of the above.

    Just go to and download Block Checker v 2.0.

    Then all you have to do is type in the person’s e-mail that you want to check and it will tell you whether they are in fact on-line.

    Happy snooping xx

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  7. ummm, but one of this “checking if someone is blocking you” webs, are infected by virus.I forgotten which one is which one is the safest to download??

  8. if u go to tools and options then privacy go down to ‘See who has added you to their contact list’ then view if the persons e-mail address or display name are there then you are not blocked. If the person wanted to block u they would probably delete u.

    Also just because you can not delete a person in your allow list doesn’t mean that they have blocked you (I added myself and tried deleting myself as a contact even though i didn’t block myself. I couldn’t, you can only delete someone from the allow or block lists if they didn’t add u to their contact list)

    Yet another way is to make a new MSN account and add the person who u suspect blocked or deleted you and if they are on while appearing offline on your other account they’ve blocked u.

    Phone or talk to a friend who is also a friend of the person who u suspect blocked u and ask if them if the other person is on msn regularly.

    Don’t use any of the stupid online block checker programs as they are unreliable, and sometimes contain viruses and only work if the person allows everyone to see their status.

    U wouldn’t want everyone to block u because you’ve F—ed up their accounts with a virus would u?

    Why would u care if someone blocked u or not. If u didn’t give them a reason why would they? If you did its your own fault.

  9. lol. man. chatting online is so gay. talk on the phone or in person. i just got sick of chatting online. i know the ppl on my list in real life anyways. so i just blocked them. and if i was gonna block em’, i was like why not delete them too. YOU should do it too.. its for ur own good. chatting online gets a THUMBS DOWN.

  10. lol yeah thats the smart thing to do, at least u know ur really talking to the right person and not some homo freak.

  11. If u go to ‘Contacts’ then ‘Go to my address book’ check if the person who u think bloked u and se if they have a contact card if u can view their contact card without it screwing up they didn’t delete u. simple

  12. frig man! I wanna know if i was blocked! if i did get blocked for no reason i’d be really

  13. So..there is no other way on msn to check who has block you on their list, except by using some programs or w.e?

  14. Try sending him a message, then load “Doodle”

    if it loads up, he’s online

    (this only works if he’s online, and didnt close your windows fast)

  15. just leave every thing guys about knowing who has bloked u or not,,,i will tell u guys the simple n easiest way to know the hack about who has bloked u or not…….but patience is the key ….the thing is the first of all make a new un known id then typeee n type tht new email n log in to meebo ….after tht when u have logged in the new unknown account uve made (im) the person u need to know has bloked u if he or she answers to uuuuu he has simply deleted u cuzz its common sense tht if before u logged in ur original account n tht person was offline on ur account then how is it possible tht at the same time when u logged on the fake id of urs n (im)ed tht specified person n tht person answered!!!!!!!!(simple n a natural remedy)

  16. i have that problem to whit that error 80048823 ?? verry nice whiht sign in msn or hotmail whatever

  17. walalayaa waaan idin salaamay,

    salaan ka dib hadii aad dooneyso adigo soomali ah in aad ogaato qofka block ku saaray,

    1. soo fur tools

    2. ka dooro option

    3. guji privacy

    4. laba bokis ayaa kuu soo bixi doono labadaa bokis ayaa kuu soo bixi doono qayta allow list ay ku qorantahay right clikck ku dul dheh cinwaanka aad u malaynayso in uu block ku saaray hadii ay active noqoto delete taas mecneheedu waa in uu qofkaasi block ku saaray.

  18. Hi,

    I tried all these exe’s but they were showing my online contacts as also offline..Can someone help me to find how u can identify the contact who has blocked you.

  19. do u guys know any program at when i use it i see who are really online but they shows to others they are offline. other way if i go messenger and click button which say appear offline so can i that person some program??? plz tell me u who know :P

  20. hi i havent been able to sign into my msn for a while now with that 80048823 error. does anyone know how to help me out, plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  21. hi i havent been able to sign into my msn for a while now with that 80048823 error. does anyone know how to help me out, plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  22. None of these will work, as stated in the post you cant tell. The only way you can tell is if they set their MSN to ‘Allow other users to see my status’ as all these websites do is check someone’s status Anonymously, and some of the programs do that but most just spread virus’ thoughout your computer and your contacts.

  23. what’s the point of making topics like this when it it does is attract stupid ppl from all over the net.. particuarly little kids… >:-/

  24. that dont work cos i have done that and some 1 who is online and talkin to me has had the option delete

  25. i want to know if there is any way to add a contact after they have blocked you and you have blocked them?

  26. i would like to know..if i can add a contact after we have blocked and deleted eachother?

  27. honestly go to and it will seriously tell you if someone has blocked you i swear to god i was trying to find out if my exboyfriend blocked me and i told my cousin in bc to block me for 3 minutes and he did and i checked and it showed that he did block me for real……….i promise it works

  28. I checked on, it showed deleted. But why is the persons details still showing on my msn everytime he logs in.

  29. non of these work and the websites r ful o trojans,so jus go knok on the persons door n ask em if they blocked u if they say yes twat em 1-lmfao!!!

  30. wud luv 2 kno ow 2 find out if 1 of my contacts r online but r showing offliine??????? cant wait 4 da answer…..

  31. I’m having the same problem but look there isn’t really a good way to tell if someone has blocked you.. the whole thing in tools options privacy doesn’t work. FACT. I havent been on all of the downloadable programs, but everyone that I have had has given my some sort of virus and I’m not risking it to fuck up my computer. If you can see the person in real life, just ask them! And if you can’t – if they’re just an “internet buddy” then who really cares?! The best way is to get your mate to add the person and if they appear online to them, but offline to you, then you’re blocked! Also, or whatever is crap – I really don’t understand it, and as far as my testing goes, it doesn’t really work.

  32. id ont get it the method u gave me was totally wrong and i want to know if they have blocked me before the way u showed me it cor work like u told us how it would work and i ahve not got a allow list figure that out plez

  33. LOOK – there is no legal way of checking real status, anything you run wont work because when messenger blocks you, it blocks by IP – the only chance of it working is to do it on a computer you have never logged into messenger on. But be warned – there are alot of viruses – do you realy want to get a virus, why dont you just except the fact that your blocked, or check the old fashon way – SEND AN OFFLINE INSTANT MESSAGE TO SEE IF THEY REPLY!

  34. Block-checker does work, but theres no point. If someones blocked u, unless theyre a really close friend, u can hardly go up to them and be like yo, why did u block me without looking like a stalker or something. Just makes u feel crappy knowing that someone did.

  35. p.s. if anyone does have a non-creeper way of asking someone y the blocked u then tell me cause i sure cant think of one.

  36. The best and easiest way to check who’s blocked you is to open your msn, click on your name at the top, go to personal settings, then privacy. Then right click the contact in the allow list, and if they’ve blocked you, the delete option will be available. If they didn’t block you, the delete option won’t be available for them. This is the best way of doing a check on all your contacts to see who’s blocked you.

  37. hey all u dummies. go to

    guaranteed this website works!it works for me. so quit bangin ur head against the wall n try it.n remember the excelsior! {ROL}

  38. All of this is a bunch of bull crap. None of those links work people!! get a clue… And im not just saying this for the hell of it, I actually took some time off to check these “supposed” links. None of them work,…they showed all my contacts offline when they weren’t…i even did myself and it showed that I was offline. Its just a bunch of crap. I say if you can’t see them, they probably don’t wanna see you, so screw ’em!!

  39. Thank You Alicia! you said it perfect!

    If soemone has blocked you, tough luck, then obviously don’t want to talk to you so don’t bother giving them the time of day!

    NONE of these block checkers or little ways of finding if you’ve been blocked work! NONE OF THEM! it’s all jsut a means of getting spyware on your PC!!

    Plus if someone has blocked you ,why try so desperately to contact them… if it’s that important pick up the damn telephone!! If you ain’t got tehre number then you clearly weren’t good enough friends to be botherd about getting blocked. And for all ya stalkers out there and try so desperately to see what your friends/ stalkee’s status is… well… get a life!

    bubahunter – OUT!

  40. Yea YEW GUYS ARE LIKE really not sooo briight.. if yew go to




    ♥Then right cliick on yer contacts &&that crap well, thats not to check if they BLOCKED yew its to check if they DELETED YEW yew people are so frikin stupiid

  41. if some1s blocked u dere not worth bein m8s wiv. chattin online sucks, stuff is taken da wrong way ppl go on n offline wivout sayin pick up da phone n call dem! xxxxxx

  42. see if u add someone, do u not see theyre name till theyre on at the same time as you? like before that is it just theyre email address you see? or do u see just theyre email adress if theyve not like accepted the invitiation.

  43. idiots, who cares who has blocked you? I don’t. Either should you. Just chill, and be chilled.


  44. Hi

    I have deleted and blocked someone but every day I am getting them add me to their contact list 2 to 3 there a way i can block their contact details from coming up i am reminded each time about their persistence and its stressing me out a bit. This follows abusive language behaviour on their part.

    Would appreciate any tips


  45. Lol! All y’all need to get a freakin life and stop worrin whos blocked you REALLY who gives a fuk defently not me… If they blocked you it means they dont want to talk to you so why waste your time talking to sum1 that doesnt want to talk with u!

    Christina – Outty!!!

  46. Hi there folks, Vancouver Canada, saying hello. If you want all your instant messaging info go to this link. Should help.

    I want to know when I right click to IM A BUDDY, HE gets an NOTIFICATION window pop open, saying that he will be I’M me. It looks like the same box you get with an email being received online. What plug in does he use and what else does it do?


  47. If you think someone has blocked you there is a simple test to do that will near enough guarantee success.

    ASK THE F$#@*R WHY THE HELL YOU CAN’T SEE THEM ON MESSENGER. This method will work with yahoo also but I am unsure whether on not it will work to force someone into being your friend. (repeat if unsuccessful the first instance)

    Alternative measures for those without a spine include:

    -Ask your mum to sign up on a new messenger account and see if she can see them.

    -Peep through their window to see whether they are chatting to someone more desirable than yourself.

    -Send an email to the scary person who you want to chat with and see if they reply……..

    -Call in the feds or perhaps pay the mafia to check it out for you….those guys will figure it out no problem.

    -Give up, ahhh that’s the one give the F&#@#ng thing up and realise that they don’t want to talk to you. If you know they have a messenger account and they are never online it’s perhaps time to hang yourself, if indeed this person is so damned important to you.

    I feel much better now, thankyou

  48. this way is best!

    If someone has a space and u were always able to view it, but then u suspect this person if blocking you, well, if u arent able to view their space anymore then yes they are blocking you…

  49. Hi!

    That’s a realy good way to see if a person has blocked you or not! Thank you Msn! Keep going!

  50. im having problems with msn. I can not login and this erro message keeps popping up 80048823. Can anyone please help me. Thank you.

  51. ok i know this works in yahoo messanger. Just log into your yahoo email address and click on addresses if the contact appears online here but offline in messenger then your blocked!

  52. basically what everybody is asking for is a site in which they can put in their own email address and it would some how like.. work like msn or yahoo or wtv, but instead… it would just sign in and tell u like, who blocked u or who deleted u. i found a site like that almost 2 years ago, clearly regret not saving it. but this whole thing is dumb, it’ll just show if the person is online or offline. THIS IS FOR ALL THOSE PPL WHO THINK THEY KNOW IT ALL!!!!>>>> remember, ppl couldn’t give 2 shits whether the person is online or offline. they want to know if they are blocked or deleted. they call it msn block checker but it only says wut they’re status is. i did it on my self when i was signed in but set offline. same shit.

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