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Check out Baidu Post (something like BBS). It has generated great traffic.

For example, under the winner of the Super Girl Li Yu Chun, up to now, 5.1 million message were posted under this single name.

Check out the page. Every time I press F5 to refresh the page, new entries were added – at interval of less than 1 second. Just keep refreshing and we have some idea about how active people are posting on this board.

I didn’t a simple test: at 23:50:00 of Aug 30, 2005, there are 5109585 message. 15 seconds later, which is 23:50:15, the number increased by 50 to 5109635. It means on average, there are 3.3 NEW post on this thread every single second. This has lasted for at least several weeks.

Meanwhile, the SMS Li Yun Chun got is 3.5 million in just one week – this may give people some hint that mobile phone usage is still much higher than Internet.

The super girl is a very interesting case study that reveal some solid facts that many people in IT industy ignore….

18 thoughts on “Baidu Post

  1. No offense, but you take Supergirl thing way too seriously. This is such a phenomenon because it is China, in the US and many other countries, all these scenarios have been played out many times over.

  2. yeah, we are more fond of BigBrother things here in Europe, good China hasn’t reached that stage of TV biz.

  3. Is it because you can post an thread or reply there anonymously? In most BBS now you have to register to post, some even require registration for just viewing threads.

    People like anonymous! After all, this is Internet.

  4. Supergirl, Furong Jiejie, BBS with seemingly exponential post growth…

    It’s all been done before. This is nothing new. I suppose I can understand why these things get so much attention in China… things like this just haven’t been seen here before. The Chinese takes notice. The world takes notice. I *yawn*, been there, done that.

    Out of curiosity, what are the “solid facts that many people in IT industy ignore” revealed by Supergirl? That more people in China have ready access to SMS text messaging systems via their mobile phones than Internet access? Did it really take comparing BBS posts to SMS text messages to derive that? I would think that is obvious.

    If Supergirl is a case study, it’s a case study in how to take ideas that have worked elsewhere and use them in China. That’s it.

  5. If Li Yu Chun is elected as Supergirl by overwhelming support from the general public via the SMS text messages rather than handful of judges, this proves democracy has its value in the mind of all Chinese.

    Now, do you people see the dilemma from the authority?


  6. hi,Observer, why place urself outside, yes, there already exist some similar programm in US or Europe, but actually in China few tv program attracts so many people participating by sms and adding comments on net.

  7. If you say Supergirl contest is a commercialized, well-organized, chinese version of American Idol, I agree. I don’t think this has anything to do with DEMOCRACY. I would say it is pure entertainment with absolutely Chinese characteristics.

  8. Jesse, that is exactly what my thought was. Everytime something happens, WSJ will post it and then say something deep like “this show has lots of lessons for the IT industry” blah blah….

  9. I think Wang Jian Shuo is trying to tell a story of unconnected majority of the Chinese people. It proves that web geeks have to learn how to grab such a public influence, and what the taste of the public is. Oooops I guess.

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