When Nothing to Blog

If there is no topic to blog today, how about try thinking about these ideas:


Will it be a conference, meetup, or events coming soon? If so, write about it. What is the propose? Who will come? Will you go there? If yes, why? If not, also why?

New product?

See if there is a new product, new release or new plugin. Try it, describe it and write some comments on it.

to be continued…

Updated July 25, 2007


If there is nothing to write, how about do some reflections? Thank about the past, and think about the days you blogged, and think about what you have believed in. Are you still doing what you believe is true? Are you still believe in what you believed? Why? Why not? That is the value of a blog – to help (or the better word – to force) you think. To explain one’s thought beautifully is a power everyone should manage.


If you really don’ t have too much to say, an OOB (Out of Blogging) notice is also good – to tell people why you don’t want to blog, and that can be an interesting blog as well. The bottom line is, you keep up your blog and don’t let people worry – what is going there?

Of cause, it is OK to pause for a day or two.


A picture is better than thousands of words. Try to post a recent picture and it will well explain what is happening…

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