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For budget travellers, Youth Hostel is a good choice. I stayed in the Youth Hotel in Hong Kong and the experience was wonderful. I just didn’t find time to post the pictures and my experience with that Youth Hostel yet. I promise I will do it when I visit the next Youth Hostel.

According to International Youth Hostel Federation’s website, there are two hostels in Shanghai: The Pu Jiang and the Captain.

(They seems to redirect their hostel page to, which is out of their website)


The two hostels are within walk distance. They are all at the Bund, the most historical area of the city. To be more accurate, one is 50 meters west of the Bund and the other is on the other side of the Suzhou River, connected to the Bund with a 100 meter long bridge. Both of the hostels are located in very old buildings.

Captain Youth Hostel

The Captain Youth Hostel is located at

No. 37 Fuzhou Rd,

Shanghai City, 200080 CHINA

Here is the map:

It is relatively better than the Pu Jiang Hostel. The equipments are newer and it seems more like a typical Youth Hostel.

Be warned that although that area is the heart of the city, there were no good restraurants nearby. Shanghai may leave you an image of old fashioned, crowded and dirty city if you don’t walk around to see the whole city.

The Pu Jiang Hostel

The Pu Jiang Hostel, or Aster House Hotel (as its old name) WAS one of the most lurxious hotel in far east in 1900’s. It was the first foreign hotel in China when it was built in 1846. Many big names arrived and stayed there, including Einstein, US President Grant, Bertrand Russell and Scott Joplin. There were a nice small plate near the door of the rooms they stayed. For example, Einsteins’ room is Room 404. I paid a visit to the door days before and was quite impressed by the nice architecture.

The Astor House Hotel is still a splendid hotel with today’s standard. There are 5 stories in that hotel. The Youth Hostel is located on the 6th floor. Insteresting? Actually it is some simple rooms built on top of the original hotel. The rooms are not as good as other Youth Hotel. I wondered why there is no youth hotel sign any where in the building. I didn’t see the message boards there either.


One bed costs 50 RMB (or 6 USD) in both hostels. The website quoted 8 USD. If you pay by the counter, it should be only 50 RMB with your YHA card.

More Choices

I would recommend budegeted traveller to try either Motel 168, Rujia or Jin Jiang Inn. Their standard rooms are 156 RMB to 268 RMB, but they are really good.

24 thoughts on “Youth Hostels in Shanghai

  1. Hi there

    just wondered is there a curfew for these hostels you mentioned? many hostel I have visited in other countries have them.

  2. I stayed at one called Maggie International Youth Hostel in ChangNing chu, it’s out of the way fromteh center. I have to say it was the most disapointed stay in hostel when I was in China last week. The 2 bed private rooms cost 160 yuan, they told me it’s already discounted for the memebers.

    The bedding was very hard and facility a bit lacking. Compared to otehr hostels in CHina, it was the most expensive and least satisfying one.

    They did have a cute cat tho.

  3. There has only one Youth Hostel on Hongking Island, JOCKEY CLUB MT. DAVIS YOUTH HOSTEL. It is located on the upper slopes of Mount Davis in Western District from where there are commanding views over Victoria Harbour, the Kowloon Peninsula and to the hills beyond.

  4. Stonesee, see you again! Yes. Wendy and I stayed in that hostel when we were in Hong Kong. It was nice, although too far from the downtown. But I cannot complain in expensive cities like Hong Kong.

  5. Dear Sir,

    I am coming Shanghai mid of this month and wants to get more information about follwoing Youth hostel :

    1) Motel 168, Rujia or Jin Jiang Inn. (Their standard rooms are 156 RMB to 268 RMB)

    I want address and contact no. fax no. email id of above hostels and availablity of the rooms in follwoing dates:

    14/02/05 to 17/02/05

    I will be thankful for the same.

    If you have India office telephone no. pls. send.


    Anil Vankundre


  6. Please advice me on how I can contact Maggie International Youth Hostel in Shanghai. I would like an email address, phone or fax number

    Kind Regards


  7. Good Morning, When can I one or two room resirvation?

    Kapitän Youth Hostel CN Shanghai

    Nr., 37 Fuzhou Rd,

    ShanghaicStadt, 200080 CHINA

    I am from Austria,and I need room for five day together with my husband on December 2005.

    Maxima Dioso, Salzburg, Austria.

  8. Dear Captain ,

    I am a joiner student from Shanghai International Studies University; I am looking for a possible position during the summer holiday.

    My strongest interest is working in the International Youth Hostel, therefore I am writing this letter to enquire about it.

    I had known YHA soon after I entered university .And I fell in love with it ! Whenever my schoolmates or friends decided go on a trip I would recommend YHA to be chosen for our accommodation. We did and we all loved it. We liked it not only because of the reasonable price and wonderful service and cleanness but most of all was the feeling of home. The first one we stayed was Nanjing FuziMiao youth hostel (2003 ). We stayed there for five days . We loved it! Since then I am determined to learn more about it.

    I am majoring in English Literature and language and I have a very good command of both spoken English and writing English .My minor major is German language and I am capable of basic communication in German language as well.

    I would appreciate your time in giving me some information about any available summer-job-position in your hostel .

    Sincerely yours,

    Wang Jinmei

  9. Hi,

    I am a research student at IIT Kanpur, India. I am participating in a International Conference at Shanghai. Conference venue: Shanghai International Convention Center.

    Conference organizers are not providing the accomadation. Please help me in booking a budget hotel which is walkable distance from the conference venue.

    – Sivabalan.

  10. hello sir,

    i m living in shaoxing wanted to join some dance classes so plz let me know the reasonable rates of youth hostels so that i can decide as soon as possible..


  11. Do they accept Chinese natives (holding chinese passport)? Is there an age limit? I am 50. I am going home for a visit but I have no place to stay.:-)

  12. why the 2 hostels you suggest ( captain and pu jang) are on the site cost more than 20 us d? it’s because of the type of room they only sell on the site (twin)? or?

    this summer i booked 2 places in Bei jing by internet at 50-60 rmb!



  13. Hey Yoyo

    It seems like the Captain Youth Hostel does accept Chinese nationals.

    It is 60 yuan a night, not 50, now.

  14. Captain is now also charging 70y a night, and although the facilities are quite good (and location), some of the desk service personel are rather lacking in good customer service skills. I’m hoping some new hostels will start up so that prices will decrease again. It’s a bit ridiculous that you can get a dorm bed in a quite developed city like Chengdu or Yangshuo for as little as 15 yuan, but it’s 70 yuan in Shanghai, and that increase is just in the last year and a half!

  15. Hi,

    I am a research student at IIT Kanpur, India. I am participating in a International Conference at Shanghai. Conference venue: Shanghai International Convention Center.

    Conference organizers are not providing the accomadation. Please help me in booking a budget hotel which is walkable distance from the conference venue.

    please email at

  16. I am visiting Shanghai for a four day tour, would like to meet some simple girl for marriage in the coming winter. I am currently living in Australia, any body interested please respond. Also suggest a good place to stay in Shanghai from 29th april to 3rd may. thanks Rocky

  17. Hi Sir,

    Which one is cheaper in hostel rates? Booking through the internet or getting a hostel right at the lobby?


  18. do you have any suggestions where can i stay in shanghai? i need their email address. thanks

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