PVG: Bus to Suzhou, Nanjing, Hangzhou

Here are the latest long distance bus information from Pudong Airport to nearby cities.

Direct bus

The following bus lines connects the Pudong Airport and the city directly with no stops in the middle.

Hangzhou 杭州 100 RMB 1030 1200 1330 1530 1730 1930

Qing Tian 青田 192 RMB 1310

Via Hong Qiao Airport

The following buses will go to Hong Qiao Airport to pick up passengers there and they leave for the destination.

Kun Shan 昆山 76RMB 1130 1230 1330 1430 1530 1630 1730 1830 1930

Suzhou 苏州 82RMB 1050 1150 1250 1350 1440 1520 1610 1650 1750 1850

Wuxi 无锡 100 RMB 1120 1220 1320 1420 1520 1620 1720 1820

Zhangjiagang 张家港 110 RMB 1140 1250 1440 1540 1740

Nanjing 南京 122 RMB 1120 1320 1510 1640 1840

Note: All the record are in the following format: Desitination, Chinese name, Price, Departure Time

I have updated the following pages to reflect the changes.

How Far are These Cities?

Nothing is better than a real satalite photo to tell the relative locations between the cities and the time it may take to go to the cities. You can find the location of the city on the photo below. I added the point, which means it may not be as accurate as a map.


Image in courtesy of NASA

Update Hong Qiao Airport Buses September 23, 2004

For pictures and bus information at Hong Qiao Airport, visit my Hong Qiao Airport Long Distance Bus page.

Ticket price of long distance bus at Hong Qiao Airport

25 thoughts on “PVG: Bus to Suzhou, Nanjing, Hangzhou

  1. JianShuo Wang, Congratulations to your anniversary! Not sure if you have had chance come to LA yet as it was one of the items on your wish list last year. If not, I will be happy to be your host when you come.

    I am planning a trip to China. My tour will be ending in Guangshou. I am planning to take train to Shanghai. Is there anyway that I can book my train ticket in advance and online? If yes, would you please direct me to the right web site? Thanks for your help.

  2. Thanks for putting up this information. Can you post train information too? I am planning to visit Shanghai. I would like to spend one day visiting Suzhou and one day visiting West Lake. What would be the best trains to take?

  3. I’m arriving on Monday at PVG at 1530hrs. Need to be at Hangzhou Int’l Airport on Tuesday morning at 1000hrs to pick up a customer. What is your best suggestion?

    Thank you.



  4. Dear Mr. Wang:

    Good and informative site!

    I will be arriving at PVG next month around 5 PM. Please advise whether there is any bus from PVG to Tongcheng, Anhui. If not, how about to Hefei, Anhui?

    Thanks and regards,


  5. I will be arriving at Pudong Airport at about 10 pm. What is the best way of getting to Beijing Si Lu. I heard that the taxis do not go by the meter late at night.

  6. hi, ur website is great.

    i’ll b visiting wuxi and i plan to take the long distance bus. just to confirm, is there a long distance bus stop at pudong airport?

    are the tickets difficult to get/ sold out easily?

  7. is there any service long distance bus to xiamen from shanghai? or train maybe? can i buy the ticket online? thanx.

  8. Hi there, I will arrive at PVG on 15th February around 8:50 am and I need to go to Hangzhou. What would you suggest? where and when are buses leaving?

    thanks for an answer, Melanie

  9. Hi, I live in Zhangjiagang and would like to get out and about and visit nearby places. The trouble is, I can’t get hold of a timetable (English or otherwise) which will tell me where the buses go to and what times they leave (and return).

    If you could come up with any suggestions I would be most gratefull

  10. Hi, I will arrive Hangzhou airport at 13:10 from there I want to take inmediately a direct bus to Suzhou. Is there any bus company at the airport with that destination or I should need to go to a bus station out of the airport.

    Then, from Suzhou I want to take a train to Shanghai early in the morning. In both cases do somebaody knows the schedule.

    Thank you for your assistance.

    Jorge /Perú

  11. Hi, I arrive PVG 20:10 on Saturday Oct 17th and wish to get to Taizhou. How far is it? Is it possible by Taxi, bus or train?

  12. Hi

    Arriving PVG and need to get to Suzho.Because of disability trains and buses are not the best option are the taxis outside willing to make this journey or are there any limousine company counters in the arrivals hall where we can negotiate a good rate?

    Thanks for any advice

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