Google: IPO First, then Dance

It seems Google guys are too busy with the IPO and AdSense, AdWords and new features, and have no time to dance.

I noticed the last Google dance as in June 07, 2004 for my site. I know it from the obvious PageRank difference between the two adjustant entries. The difference is still there. This means, Google didn’t dance since June 07, 2004. 108 passed and there is no change in anything in PageRank.

Cemper also noticed this. Are Google guys too busy with IPO?

1 thought on “Google: IPO First, then Dance

  1. If you notice the news about google, you may know how busy Google is.

    Google News (in test), Google Browser (possible), Google IM (possible), plus the, okbut, gmail, Google toolbar, etc

    It seems with the great branding and reputation, possible with the requirement from shareholders, Google are investing so many areas besides search.

    I like Google, whatever it does, hope it can be as great as its search.

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