Today in History – My Wedding

On Sept 21, 2003, Wendy and I held our Big Fat Wedding in Shanghai. Today is the one year anniversary. Although Wendy and I take March 17 as our wedding memorial day, I am still very excited to recall the sweet time of the same day last year.


  1. Mr. and Mrs. Wang

    Happy anniverary to you both!


  2. Happy anniversary to both of you! Best Wishes! :-)

  3. Thanks, Stephen and earthmilk!

  4. Happiness forever!

  5. Oh, congratulations! Happy Anniversary Hugs to you both :-)

  6. Are you two planning to take a photo together on every anniversary?

  7. Well, Bigbro, it is a very good idea. Let me try it from this year.

  8. Congratulations! I remembered you were OOB for about one week. Hehe, I have kept reading your blog for over one year.

  9. Congratulations ! Best wishes to you and wife.

  10. Congratulations on your wedding! : )

  11. cannot see your pictures

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