Cars with Non-Shanghai Plates

From Sept 1, 2004, all cars in Shanghai without a Shanghai local car plate will be charged 150 RMB per month. It means, I need to pay 1800 RMB more for my car.

According to the new regulation, I need to visit the police office to hand in the money; otherwise the fine will be 30,000 RMB.

Actually, all cars without a Shanghai plate need to pay 30 RMB for the entrance fee when they enter Shanghai. This regulation just added the 7-day valid period for entrance fee. It means, the car driver can choose to go back to the entrance toll gate to hand it the fee every 7 days (so it is 120 RMB per month), or to go to the police to pay a little bit higher – 150 RMB per month. Of cause, the third choice is not to do anything until the fine ticket of 30,000 RMB arrives.

It is strange for a large city to issue a command like this to restrict the flow of cars between Shanghai and other provinces.

P.S. Just found an interesting website to write on the Berlin Walls (via Eric’s blog). Take a look.

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P.S. 2. I am in Beijing and will get back to Shanghai on Wednesday.

9 thoughts on “Cars with Non-Shanghai Plates

  1. Mr. Wang

    Is this an administrative measure to limit the growth of the vehicle inside the city of Shanghai?


  2. Finally, it’s good to see that people who would like to escape what he needs to pay have to pay the fee.

    It’s unfair to the car driver who got the Shanghai plate. Because all of them must pay that fee and pay for the bid for the plate as well.

    But people who escaped and bought the car plate outside shanghai simply didn’t need to pay any fees just because the shanghai administration didn’t fully follow the regulation. Now the government is going to implement the policy completely and giving no chance for anyone who would not like to obey the regulation, just like jianshuo.

    Applaud to the shanghai government.

    BTW: This regulation have been passed long time ago and just haven’t been fully implemented. It’s not a new regulation at all. In addition, other big cities like Guangzhou also have the same regulation.

  3. thanks jianshuo for allowing me to know this funny website, hehe. the grafitti looked so real. I can go and trick my friends now…ahhaaha..

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