Posting my Mobile Number

I listed my mobile number on my contact page. Some one commented that “Jian Shuo Wang is really crazy that he put his mobile phone number onto his blog! The whole world can see it.”

I Never Received Any Spam Mobile Call or SMS

I am not crazy. To publish a mobile number on the web is not that astonishing as others think. I am comfortable with it. To put on an email address in its original form may bring many spam emails, but a mobile number is not as attractive for spammers, especially for international spammers. :-D If they want to spam, mobile number is much easier to guess than email. Let me tell you the rule if you are going to spam (take it as a joke). All mobile numbers in China are 13 digits. The first three can tell you the operator the mobile is using. 135, 136, 137, 138, and 139 belongs to China Mobile while 131, 132, 133 belongs to China Unicom. In Chinese version of Google (swtich the interface to China in Google Preference), type in any mobile number and they tell you the operator, the type of the subscription (Shenzhouxing or Quanqiutong) and base city. Here is the information for my mobile. Since China Mobile is going to open the 134xxxxxxxxxx number range, it is pretty sure that the existing number range are almost full. Back to the spamming topic, a spammer can just start with my number and increase the number by one (I know it is one of my friend’s number), and spam it. Then increase it by one and spam again. At last, the spammer will reach all mobile in China. (Don’t tell others that I told you this :-D).

I was kidding regarding spam idea. The point is, they don’t need to actually see your number before they send spam SMS or call you. Unlike email, they have to pay much higher for either SMS or call, so mobile spam is not popular yet.

I Love to Receive Calls

Till now, every call I received was a pleasant story.

I received call from United Kingdom, they asked for the financial institutes in Shanghai. I received call from a reader, who sat at the Startucks of Beijing (Near Guomao) and just called to thank me for the stories I wrote. I received other calls from different part of the world (German, United State, Spanish, and India…). The good thing is, I *always* got the call at day time. It seems the notice about the time difference worked:

If you are out side China, please consider the time difference between Shanghai (GMT+8) and your place. I did get phone call from U.S. at mid-night. :-D

International caller’s number does not show up on my mobile’s screen. It displays “Unknown number!” if it is an international call. Whenever I see this number, I know it is either my reader from out side China or my elder brother in Portland.

I also got calls from book agents, magzines and newspapers. Some of the interview was conducted via telephone, such as the MarketPlace interview and the China Radio International’s. Yesterday, I got a call from MetroZine, the most popular free magzine (in terms of wideness of distribution). They asked if they can use some of my Pudong Articles in their magzine. I said, “Yes. Thanks for asking.” Things like this happen all the time. I love it. The base line is, they respect my work and checked my permission before using it (see On Credibility). They won’t call me if they cannot find my mobile number.

The most interesting call I received was from Italy. Any one still remember the English Instructions in Yantai? Two days after I posted the entry, a girl called from Italy at around 6:00 PM Shanghai time. She said: “Well. I saw your post about the instruction in Yantai. You know what? I am now in Italy and I came from Yantai. My friend happened to be the manager in charge of the computer facility in that hotel. I called him and he said, the instruction was not printed by them and they would have people change the instructions to the correct version. He just wanted me to tell you, that now everything is OK.”

Haha. Small world again. What an interesting story. I am happy that this blog helped to improve something. It is like a media already. I didn’t post the story becaue the girl perfer now to post the story immediately when I checked her permission to disclose it. She said, how about two or three month later? OK. Now it is almost three month. I appreciate her friend’s effort to change the instruction and I want to thank the girl in Italy to take the trouble (and money) to call IDD to me just to let me know.

P.S. Comment feature was of this entry is closed on May 21, 2006.


  1. Good attitude, Jianshuo !

    And yes, noone wish to get a wake-up call at 2:45AM, but that is the dangerous part of going public.

    You wrote something before of the increased size of net-email –

    today I’ve suddenly got 100 MB on my Yahoo !

    And remember to check your own Hotmail from time to time…!

  2. It goes to 200M already. I love it.

  3. All of us only have six degrees of separation so, it’s really a small world. It’s good to know that your world’s expanding. I bet you’re now an international star…in your own small way (through your great blog). Congrats, JS! :-)

  4. when is the best time to call you then?

  5. The best time is between 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM Shanghai time, but it is fine as long as it is not from 10:00 PM to 9:00 AM the next day. :oD

  6. hi Jianshou

    i am the reader that called you from starbucks ;) i come over to china regularly from singapore for business. your articles help me to understand china and the chinese much better.

    thanks again and i will certainly call again!


  7. So if I call a mobile in China, will the receiver have to pay a charge to recieve my call? I just assumed they would so I’ve never called my Chinese friends that only have a cellphone. Would really appreciate knowing this, may change my relationships significantly — and force me to practice my Chinese which of course goes downhill when I am back in New Zealand!

    By the way, the cellphone system in China is really confusing. Compared to little wee New Zealand anyway. We just have one flat rate for all calls to cell phones, but in China I have to remember where I am, where my phone comes from and where my friend’s phone comes from! I always got confused and several times wasted whole 50 yuan phone cards without even realising! Aiyo!

  8. hmm, what you wrote reminds me my experience in Zurich, Switzerland. Swiss tend to treat people’s privacy differently. In Swisscom’s phone booth, there is a terminal, from which screen you can search all the resident phone number cross Switzerland, this is nothing fancy, while hold on, apart from the phone number you get from the name searching(it was impossible to ask Swisscom to hind your name from this public accessable database), you also get the Academic Degree you posses and Academic Title you have! , together with your Home Address!

  9. That is fantastic. A system must has to agree with the development status of the country to serve the public. We are learning to understand that different countries need different laws.

  10. update for you,

    Now I can see US caller’s number on my cellphone.

    It’s a new feature of China Mobile GoTone.

  11. Wang, I learned IBM is playing unfair game in China mainland from here:

    Is this true in China? Cause to me it is somehow unbelievalble. thanks. Btw, I am gonna call u next time when I am there. :)

  12. i don’t understand why domestic cell phone can’t appear the international call number.

    It is so uncomfortable for people often going aboard.I had lost many calls when i stayed in Franch.

    From the technice point of view, it seems not very complex. Just need China Mobile to invest little money.

  13. Didadi, it may be true. The customer service industry in China is catching up but still not satisfactionary. A large portion of my calls to customer service centers end up to be a very frustrating experience.

  14. JianShuo Wang, Congratulations to your anniversary! Not sure if you have had chance come to LA yet as it was one of the items on your wish list last year. If not, I will be happy to be your host when you come.

    I am planning a trip to China. My tour will be ending in Guangshou. I am planning to take train to Shanghai. Is there anyway that I can book my train ticket in advance and online? If yes, would you please direct me to the right web site? Thanks for your help.

  15. hi jian,

    do you have consumer rights TV programme in China? its a very popular programme here…if you have a bad experience with a company and you have all your proof, you send it to these guys, and every week they investigate such a problem.

    very embarrassing to the companies involved. you can be sure they will change something after that if they still want customers..

  16. Yes. There are such programs in CCTV and other TV stations. There are similar news everyday.

  17. But consumer in China is still weak in protection of themselves against sellers. There are some consumer right protection hotline and association, but only with limited authority, can not influence a lot. Large room for improving.

  18. Do you happen to know how I could email someone on a china mobile cell phone….. not text messages… I mean emails

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  19. Do you happen to know how I could email someone on a china mobile cell phone….. not text messages… I mean emails

    When someone wants to email my cell phone anywhere in the world all they type is do you know how I would do that for China Mobile ????


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