Search Function Improved

Anyone noticed the new search function on this site? I wrote the code (PHP code) and added the following features:

Standalone Search Page

I have removed the search box from the title area and put a search link on every page. Thanks to readers like PP to point out the search box won’t work on certain browser. I know it is against Jakob’s usability suggestion that search should be a box, so I added a search box at the middle of the home page.


I record all the search terms entered in the search box so create some hints of what others are looking for. When the history data becomes large enough, I will hide some terms that are searched only once.


I am a fan of Jakob’s usability site. His research show a site with more than 200 page should offer search function. This site has grow to more than 1000 articles (including both traditional site and blog site) so if you cannot find anything, don’t hesitate – search!.

Google is doing great on search, so I don’t need to create my own search engine.

Am I working too much on the technical side of this site? I often surpress my attempt to drive into code although I enjoy writing some small piece of codes. As I said, the soul of a blog is the content, not the technology it is using.

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