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I finally got the F1 Grand Prix. I was not interested in F1, as most of people in Shanghai, maybe in China. No suprise. This is the time time F1 comes to this country. I never saw real F1 before. However, when the big, nice, red ticket is on my hand, I became a little bit excited. I never saw F1 before. At the time I bought it, there are only GRASS STAND TICKET for Sunday, Sept 26, 2004.


F1 Ticket for Shanghai Grand Prix 2004. © Jian Shuo Wang.

On the official Shanghai International Circuit website, there are some very cool photos of the venue. Go there and have a look. I will bring my camera with me and record the event.

The venue is not very far from Shanghai downtown – if and only if you have a car. Here is a map, somewhere at the north-west part of the city. It is 30 minutes car ride to Hong Qiao Airport, 50 minutes to the Pudong Airport.

I considered to driver there – to drive to see F1 is exciting. However, I learnt parking area is not planned at the F1 Circuit. How can it be possible! Since there are 150,000 visiters to the event, private cars (without special pass certificate) have to park at the streets nearby. It is about 4-5 km away from the circuit and takes at least 1 hour to walk there. En…. Let me think twice – to stand whole day on the grass to watch F1 and walk up to 3 hours a day may be too tiring. So I decided to join the group to take shuttle bus from downtown there. There are 4 lines from four big stadiums in Shanghai to F1…..

I guess it will be an exciting day for me. I went to karting for some times, but I know F1 is totally another thing.

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  1. Hi,

    I am a F1 fan for many years. I remembered I watched the racing from Tv since 80’s.

    It is a real exciting game. You may enjoy it. High-Tech racing.

    I know Mr. Bill Gates put his money 80 million into F1 Racing Toyota team. That is a

    very intereting thing seen a Microsoft Logo on a F1 car.

    By the way, I had read your story from Business week. Not your own words I thought.

    Enjoy F1.


  2. Ohh, you just payed 330 RMB…

    The guys from my company paid 2500 RMB, but of course they will be in a position to actually SEE what’s going on.

    I will comfortably watch the F1 race on TV.

    Jianshuo (and others), an important warning and advice : Bring ear protection !!

    Either earplugs or ear-shields. Buy the stuff in Beijingdonglu – ask for the worker’s safety gear.

    YOU WILL NEED IT ! After you go in, it may be impossible to buy this.

    3-litre 1000 HP engines consumes and exhausts a LOT at 18000 RPM, therefore the F1 car engines are extremely noisy, and you will not notice the damaging effect before after the race.

    Everyone should bring a light chair (buy it in “Decathlon”), sunglasses, and a hat.

    In the grass there’s no shade, and it may be wet too.

    Make some sandwiches or similar, and bring water, or your favourite tea ;-)

    Good race !

  3. I hope everyone reading this listens to Cartsen! I have been to several races too. I went with some friends to Kuala Lumpur who had never been before. They were stubborn and did not beleive it was so loud. After the first lap they all went to buy earplugs. It was too painful not to wear them.

    Also, don’t forget sunblock. You will probably be there for 3 hours. On a sunny day……you will burn.

    I will be in the same area as your colleagues Carsten. Will they be wearing red or “blue crosses”?

  4. Help! My husband and I are going to Shanghai formula one and have no idea how to get to the site! Is there anyone out there can help? Please email to bkw300@msn.com. Thank you very much!

  5. We went to the F1 grand prix last year, and had a great time (even though we had to walk a long way to get to our tour coach). Some of my friends had bought tickets for this year’s race, but have no idea how to get to the tracks from downtown/jing an district. Will appreciate any advice from you folks in shanghai. Many thanks!

  6. From what I’ve read there are shuttle buses you can take from downtown to the track. Driving is not advised since you need a special pass to park. I’m also going to the race this year, and looking for more info about what Shanghai has planned. When I was in Montreal they had F1 related parties, etc. in downtown. Does Shanghai do the same?

  7. You can get a car to take you there, if you need. I heard all rentals are off and prices are 3 times normal price due to demand. Though, if you want chauffeured professionals to bring your co-workers/bosses/etc. to the show, I know Asialimo is still booking vehicles. You can give them a call at 5358 0168 or send an email to info@asialimo.com.

  8. Thanks, Micky. I just called them and they have the special passes to park there. It’s part of their package deal for F1. I needed bring the VIPs from my company there and was running out of options.

  9. Hi,

    Does anyone know how we can take the shuttle bus from downtown to the race? Where is the pick-up point and what time do we have to be there? How much would it cost? Do we have to make reservations? Thanks in advance!

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