Flowers Bloom on MSN Messenger

Two days before, Eric sent me the message via MSN: “请放一朵玫瑰 ,在MSN名字之前( 名字前加”括号f括号”),用来表现对于数百位俄罗斯死于恐怖行动的孩童哀悼,希望可以传这个讯息给你所有线上名单,看看会有少朵玫瑰盛开” or in English: “Please put a rose in front of your name to show your sympathy for the hundreds of children killed in Russia terrorism attack.”

I added.

One hour later, there are 10 contacts on my MSN Messenger with roses (f) before their names.

Two hours later, there are about 30.

At noon, which is about 3 hours later, I counted and there are 62 contacts in my MSN Messenger contact list put the rose before their names.

Roses bloom on MSN Messenger world.

Argument Spread on Blogging and BBS World

With many people put on the flowers, many people strongly criticized this behavior. Under Eric’s report on this event, I found this link. People who are against this “rose movement” argued: “Why you don’t put on rose when people in China surfer from disaster, like the fire in Luoyang (killing more than 300 people), or flud currently in southeast (killing more than 100 people)? What is the point to show sympathy to other countries?” The term they used are sham, shameless, stupid…

It is good that different voices are heard on BBS, blogs, comments, and almost every where on the Internet. On one hand, this is good thing to see people start to think differently. On the other hand, I am also very worried about chaos in the new generation. Some dangerous ideas may lead to war after several decade, such as racism, narrow-minded nationism comments and post.

Let me share a store. Kevin sent out an email about three abandoned cats in his neighborhood. The poor cats were abandoned when someone move out. Now they are homeless, don’t have food and wandering on the street without a place to hide from rain.

I was so moved and wanted to adopt them, the poor lives. I discussed with my friends and they said: “Why bother taking care of animals when there are still some children in this country need money to go to school?.” Well. It is reasonable. How about I denote to charity o help poor children to go to school? Wait a minute, will any one jump out and say: “Hey. You are stupid. They can at least survive. There are many others who almost died…”

What I am trying to say is, whenever there is something you can help, just help. Don’t wait… Back to the topic, to show sympathy to people does not mean lack of sympathy to people on the same motherland. Regarding this event itself, it is just a co-incident that this idea got spread quickly. It reached the tipping point. If you remember, a similar movement to memorize Christine Zhang by adding a C before display name stormed the whole Internet world about one year ago…

5 thoughts on “Flowers Bloom on MSN Messenger

  1. It’s sad and pathetic, you know. Some people keep on ranting or giving comments and suggestions about how other people should live their lives when they don’t even take a look at their own and do something about it first. How can people help other people when they can’t even help themselves? One can’t share love or a part of one’s self to others if s/he doesn’t love him/herself more. Just ranting…

  2. We could have so many excuses for not helping out or showing sympathy. Of course, there is always an urgent needs somewhere out there. But just for sake of our own heart, we should extend our helping hands or showing sympathy whenever we can. We only can do so much, so do whatever you can at the moment. Let us not harden our own heart.

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