AutoComplete in Web Page

This is an Auto Complete in Web Page demo. According to the file header (thanks to my good habbit to write long and detailed file header in all my source code), it is written on March 6, 2001. It shows how to implement the AutoComplete feature on a web page. Try to input something and see the input gets AutoCompleted. I have populate a long list of titles on this blog into the history.

6 thoughts on “AutoComplete in Web Page

  1. It would be much better if you had written it in JavaScript, nevertheless, the code is pretty good!

    And, there’s something wrong with your site’s style sheet, the search box, which is on the top of your pages, looks huge in Mozilla.

    By the way, we are alumni :-)

  2. Still i am not able to collect the source code of autocomplete address for web/e-mail

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