How to Go to Hong Kong via Shen Zhen

If you want to enjoy easy and relaxed trip, and you are not interested to save money at cost of time, just directly fly to Hong Kong from anywhere in the world. However, if you want to get there with a budget trip from mainland China, to visit Hong Kong via Shen Zhen is a cheaper choice. You can experience the KCR (Kowloon Canton Rail) and Hong Kong MTR (Massive Transit Rail).

I went to Hong Kong via Shenzhen. The ticket to Shenzhen I bought one day before the departure was 790 RMB (55% off). If I directly fly to Hong Kong, it is more than 1400 RMB for single trip. (Wendy bought the promotional package from Shanghai to Hong Kong and it is 1660 RMB for round trip). From Shenzhen back to Shanghai took me 700 RMB only.

Here is a route map I created based on my memory. I didn’t refer to a map when I created it so its anything but an accurate map.

It is said the Shenzhen airport is 40 km away from the Luohu Custom Port. I took airport bus there and it took 20 RMB and about one hour (maybe 40 minutes, I do not remember). After I left the bus, as I expected, I was very confused since there is no single sign pointing to the destination many people are interested – the Luohu Custom Port, the gateway to Hong Kong. I asked four persons to find out my way to go to Luo Hu Custom Port. Two pointed to the right direction, one gave me the wrong way on which I met the forth person who were looking for Luohu too. She confirmed at least the way she came from is the wrong way so I turned and continued seeking. Later, when I approached the entry to the custom building, I finally saw the first sign pointing to Hong Kong – the typical Hong Kong style black bordered sign.

If you follow the same route, follow the following suggestions:

1. After you get off board the bus, turn left and go directly along the street for 200 meter.

2. Get to the over-head pedestrian bridge and go upstairs.

3. Go to the end of the road and turn right. (Never turn right along the road until you reached the end off the road)

Passing the Custom

Passing the customer is easy. Now, mainland residents still need a special Hong Kong/Macau Entry Visa to cross the border. There are not many people if it is not weekend. It took about 20 minutes to me, but others suggest to plan one and a half hour for it.

After getting into Hong Kong, I don’t need to talk about the route since everything became very easy and there are volunteers to help. Get onboard the KCR train (almost the same train like MTR), and transfer at Kowloon Tong (the only station) to MTR. After you reach MTR (or subway, or Metro), you can reach almost every corner of Hong Kong Island and Kowloon.

See some pictures of Hong Kong MTR at my Hong Kong MTR Photo Gallary.

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  1. Cool. Ever been SZ for many times but no time to go to HK yet. Next time will try it if possible.

    ps, good OneNote user. I like the map you wrote

  2. Hi Wang, I’m glad that you enjoyed your trip to HK! Hope that you won’t mind me correcting the name of some places ^_^ KCR (kowloon-canton railway) instead of KCT, Kowloon Tong instead of Tang~

  3. Jian Shuo,

    your note is quite accurate! and the map is pretty straight forward… i printed your web page will bring it with me on my next trip to mainland.. i plan to take water way from HK to shenzhen and take the land route back to HK.. i catch my plane on friday nite, the water route is the faster choice ( 1 hour ).. though more expensive.. it’s safer when you only have 2 hours to go from HK to Shenzhen airport =p

    here is a bit info on the waterway route from HK to shenzhen airport.. it’s posted on

    “take the train to Kowloon Station, taxi or walk 3-4 blocks to Hong Kong Ferry Terminal, then ride the ferry across the border to the Shenzhen Airport. A free shuttle bus takes you from the dock to the airport. ”

    unlike the land route the water way has a very limited schedule

    you can find their info on

    it took me a while to dig up this info on the net. hope others will find it useful.


  4. Any thoughts of what would be the best way to go to Hongkong thru Guangzhou?

    Thanks for any info and I appreciate it.

  5. Hello Jian Shuo Wang, The drawing is such an aid for a visual person, not to mention getting the benefits of your trials and tribulations to guide one to the customs place. Thanks heaps!! I’m heading out from mainland this week and never did the Shen Zhen to HK bit so I really appreciate the info. Thanks again, Jean

  6. Hi Jian shuo:

    I am arriving HongKong airport on Apr 25 1:30pm. could you please tell me the easiest and cheapest way to Shen Zhen? Thank you very much!

    Lifang from Canada

  7. Hi Jian Shuo,

    thanks a lot for your help and congratulations for your map. You deserve and art price.


  8. Mr Wang,

    I cannot read Chinese. How does one book a low cost carrier (no frill) flight fom one Chinese City to another. Eg from Shenzhen to Beijing. Can it be book through the internet. Can U recommend some website?


    hungry jack

  9. Mr Wang,

    I cannot read Chinese. How does one book a low cost carrier (no frill) flight fom one Chinese City to another. Eg from Shenzhen to Beijing. Can it be book through the internet. Can U recommend some website?


    hungry jack

  10. Mr Wang,

    How does one book a low cost carrier (no frill) flight fom one Chinese City to another. Eg from Shenzhen to Beijing. Can it be book through the internet. Can U recommend some website?


    hungry jack

  11. Mr Wang,

    Please recommend some travel agent or website to book internal flights (low cost carrier/no frills)

    hungry jack

  12. Mr Wang,

    How does one book a low cost carrier (no frill) flight fom one Chinese City to another. Eg from Shenzhen to Beijing. Can it be book through the internet. Can U recommend some website?


    hungry jack

  13. Dear Mr. Wang:

    I will arrive Hong Kong Airport on Friday evening Dec 2, 2005 @ approximately 6:45 PM I am told I can take a bus from the airport to Luo Hu Port in Shenzhen. Can you direct me how to get this bus, how much is the fare, where at the airport I can exchange U.S. Dollars for HK dollars, & lastly how late does this bus run? Thank you so much for your prompt reply.



  14. Hello,

    i was wondering about airline ticket cost of a round trip from Shenzhen to beijing.

    and where to buy it?


  15. dear mr wang i will arrive to hong kong airport on 6-4-06 at 6.30 am , i get already chinese enter visa and i like to know how i will reach shenzhen using a bus –

    there are bus fron honk kong airport to shenzhen??

    where i gross the border in airport of hong kong???

    how much is the ticket cost from hk airport to shenzhen ??

    how long will be the join ???

    thangs and regards


  16. How can I with 5 people(total 6 people)go from Hongkong airport to Shenzhen(LOU HU district) using the cheapest/economic way?


  17. Hello Jian ,

    I found your Blog after looking for some information regarding Shen Zhen Thankyou :-) Iwill travel to Hong kong then to Shen Zhen soon.



  18. To go from Shenzhen airport to Hong Kong: When you exit Shenzhen airport there is a kiosk counter where people will help you either take the TurboJet boat (185 RMB) or the bus (100 RMB) into Hong Kong/Kowloon. You can ask there. It’s really easy to do. The TurboJet takes 10 minutes from the airport to the dock, about 20 minutes to go through HK exit customs and board the (very comfortable) boat, 45-75 minutes on the water (depending on visibility), and then you either get plunked in Kowloon or in Central. Kowloon is inconvenient to the MTR so I think the bus is a better (and cheaper) option. Plus if you miss the boat time, there’s really only one every hour. See the time schedule (Shenzhen to Kowloon / Hong Kong) here:

    The bus leaves every 20 minutes or so, and takes about 1:15-2 hours to get into Kowloon (Prince Edward MTR station, about 10 minutes and 11 HKD from Central, downtown Hong Kong). The disadvantage of the bus is that you have to drag your luggage on and off the bus to go through customs. Same with the boat, I suppose, but the customs are at the beginning and end of the trip rather than in the middle. Information on the bus is available here:

    As for getting from Hong Kong back to Shenzhen airport, you should give yourself 2-3 hours. I left Central at 4pm, got to the Prince Edward MTR station at 4:10 pm, walked outside and got my ticket at the counter of the Trans-Island Ticketing Center, sat on the bus which took off at 4:30, arrived at 5:05 pm at the border of HK/Mainland China, took 5 minutes to go through customs (though sometimes it takes longer), hopped the bus which was waiting for me (you change buses at the borders but not companies; they give you a blue sticker so people can help identify you if you are lost), took another 15 minutes to go to the Mainland entry customs at Huangguang and get through it, and then arrived at the airport at 5:57 pm. So all told, about 2 hours from Central (with no customs or road traffic). Check out the bus info here:

  19. Hi ! I am a student from Singapore about to do an internship in Shanhai, but before that, I would like to drop by HK to visit some friends, could you please suggest the cheapest route you can think of ? I dont mind travelling via shenzhen or macau

    Thanks a million !

  20. Hi Jianshuo, i’m thinking of an opposite route from Zishuang’s post. I’m considering flying to Shanghai for a short sightseeing tour and to visit friends on internship, then thinking of taking rail (KCRC) to HK, and finally flying via HK after some shopping back to Singapore.

    Anyone can offer their insightful experience?

  21. Hi how safe is staying in Shenzhen, Dongguan and Guanzhou when floods have affected badly South of China?What should be the right mode of transport while traveling in these places to ensure that your safety.

  22. Liz . .

    Nice Post . .!

    I am Indonesian (Surabaya – Province) going to visit: Shenzhen – Hong Kong – Macau next month of August. Any body can post KCRC.

  23. Hey Jianshuo,

    I’m trying to make a similar trip by going from Beijing to HK via Shenzhen. But so far I can only find flights from Beijing to Shenzhen for 1400 one way. How did you find such a cheap flight?


  24. Hi everybody,

    This is really a very useful post!

    Like to ask about the VISA from Shen Zhen to Hk and from Hk Back to Shen Zhen for forigners. Roughly How much we hv to pay?



  25. This is certainly very useful information. I am considering a trip with my family (5 paxs in all) to HKG, shenzhen and Macau. Tips are helpful and now I can make my plan with more certainty and confident at the same time (1st time traveller to Macau and Shenzhen, 2nd time to KHG though). Thanks a heap.

  26. Hi Wangjianshuo!

    Very helpful post, as most things in your blog (however the map of Shanghai doesn’t load in my laptop lately…)

    One remark, that I find very important: the ferries from HK to Shenzhen airport now leave from the Macau Terminal in HK island, except for the first ferry in the morning. This is a very important detail for people that have very limited time, I just came back from a fast trip to HK to renew my visa, and followed all your indications. Fortunately enough on my way back I had plenty of time, so when I reached the China Ferry terminal in Canton Rd and they told me that I should go to HK island, I still had over one hour so I decided to walk back to the Star Ferry (10 min), take the ferry to Central (15 min), and then walk along the pier to the Macau /(Shenzhen airport Turbojet terminal (some 15 min. but once at the terminal building all the signs are very confusing).

    Anyway, hope this is helpful!


  27. Hi,

    I’ll be going to Hong Kong next month and will also visit Shen Zhen. I’ll be staying in kowloon side and i want to know, if taking an MTR what station should i stop so I can buy and ride the KCR going to Shen Zhen.

    Thanks much

  28. hi,

    i will going to hongkong this coming may 08, 2008 and will be going to shenzhen by may 10,2008 by train. how much would be a one way train ticket from hongkong kowloon to shenzhen? what are the train schedule from shenzhen to kowloon? how much is the train ticket would cost? How much is the entrance ticket of the ff attractions:splendid china and wonders of the world.

    hope to get feedbacks and thanks for the info

  29. Hi

    I would like to go to shenzhen from hongkong airport. Please advise the charges on the transport. Thank you.

  30. Thanks for the tips!

    I took similar trip based on your notes, different outcomes (more expensive) but less hasle. =)

    Trip from Shanghai to Shenzhen

  31. Hey, the I am writing from HK. Today is 23rd of april and the information was very accurate. The MTR ticket until Kowloon st. Tsim Tsa Tsui was 36 HKD

  32. hi,may give me an ideal to save money n save time frm shenzhen to hong kong?bus?boat?train?how long will be take frm SHG to HK?

  33. Dear Jian Shuo,

    Would you kindly inform me the best way to go from Shenzhen to HK? By bus, train or boat?

    Can u also inform the best way to go from HK to Macao & from Macao to Shenzhen?

    Thanx very much..

    Rii Chan!

  34. Hi!

    I would like to ask about the VISA from Shen Zhen to Hk and from Hk Back to Shen Zhen for forigners. Roughly How much we hv to pay?

  35. My husband and two sons are planning to go to Shenzhen this September 2009 from Hongkong. How do we go there? what is the cheapest route going there? when we are in Shenzhen, what is the cheapest lodging we can sleep in for two (2) nights?

    cherrie lim

  36. we are 6 malaysian ladies going to Shenzhen in Sept 09 and planning to visit Hong Kong from Shenzhen and back to Shenzhen to fly back to Malaysia .Can we follow your route map of 2004. any changes now,what will be the total fare incurred.We have obtained our visa entering Shenzhen, any other visa needed to and fro Hong Kong.


  37. HI,

    I am travelling to Shenzhen.

    I will be going there via Hong kong, as my flight is till hnong kong

    i have Shenzhen visa but not of hong kong

    i have bee adviced by my travel agent that i will get the five day Hongkong visa on hongkong airport itself.

    so is it true….

  38. * to get to shenzhen airport I took a train to Kowloon station and then I took EXIT C then I walked up the big escalators at EXIT C into “Elements Shopping Mall”

    * at the top of the escalator turn right and walk about 20 to 40m, then you will see a big starbucks on your right and opposite the starbucks is a coach company.

    * there you can buy a bus ticket which takes you to shenzhen airport, the total time it takes is about 1.5 hours, but they will advise you to take one 3 hours before you flight (which I suggest you do).

    * it costs 100 HKD, the buses leave every half hour. they escort you to the bus station (downstairs) when you need to leave

    * they will give you a sticker to stick on yourself, one bus will pick you up and drive you to the border then you walk across the border/immigration then on the otherside another bus will pick you up and take you to shenzhen airport. you need the sticker so they know you belong to which company

    * make sure when you get off the first bus you take all yoru luggage with you as you will not be getting back on the same bus

    the bus is high quality and the ride is comfortable and they give you free bottled water.

    CHINALINK BUS COMPANY (852) 2230 3030

    say thanks if this was helpful

    i did this trip february 2009

  39. Hi WJS. The airport bus from SZ airport to Luohu Custom Port – does it have a sign in English stating its destination? If it’s only in Chinese, can you or someone else here please type out the Chinese characters?

    I ask because I know that Shanghai’s airport buses’ signs are all in Chinese, so I had to recognize a few characters to know which bus to get on. Wondering if it’s the same in Shenzhen.

    I realize this post is several years old, but if anyone knows, I’d appreciate the help. Thanks!

  40. Hi DKwan, I never get to Shenzhen Airport – I was in Shenzhen only once. That time, I flied to Guangzhou, and then take train to Shenzhen. I know the Shenzhen train station is just few hundred meters away from the Luohu Custom Port, but have no idea about Shenzhen Airport.

  41. Hi,

    I just heard that there is a train from Shanghai to Hongkong which cost only 65USD… have anyone already tried this way? i plan to go to Hongkong in December….so just look for more information about the cheapest way to get there?

    Thanks to you all in advance and look for more comments on this….

    Truc Pham,


  42. If you’re coming to Futian, the fastest route is the Lok Ma Chau station to Shenzhen Futian Kou An. It’s a few minutes by train and the passport lines are much shorter.

  43. how to go hongkong by train from shenzhen.? also mention station name,train name, route map & fare.



  44. Hai,nxt moths im going to Hongkong-Shenzen-Guagzho.

    1)What is the best way to travel from Hongkong Airport to Shenzen? Will stay at Hotel Shangai-La at Lohua.

    2) Do you have any train schedule as we arrived at hongkong around 5pm?

    3) Any train from Shenzen to Guangzho?

    4) From Shenzen,will saty 1 nite at hongkong, which way is the best way, by train or ferry? Im staying at TST in HK.

    Your help much appreciate. Thanks

  45. Hi,

    I am arriving HongKong airport on oct 10 5:30pm. could you please tell me the easiest and cheapest way to Shen Zhen? Thank you very much!

    Amandeep singh from singapore

  46. Dear Wang,


    We are planning a family trip to China from India via Hong Kong.What will be the cheapest way to get to Beijing from Hong Kong ?If we plan to take a flight from Shenzen , will the commute be too cumbersome since we’ll have luggage and old parents (aged 60 and 67)and young kids (3yr old and 9 yr old) with us.


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