Hong Kong – the Amazing City

I am back from Hong Kong with the late flight at 9:45 pm via Shenzhen. The Monday that just past was a busy day for me, after my absence in office for five weeks. Everyone including the Ayi, seems to have something to say to me. Now, I have left Shanghai and now I am sitting at the desk of Shangri-La Hangzhou. I will start my journey in Zhejiang from tomorrow.


Jian Shuo before Standard View of Hong Kong Island. Photographed by Wendy.

Well. Considering it is already early in the morning, I won’t talk too much about the Hong Kong trip this time, although I have so much to talk about it. Hong Kong is an exciting and attractive city. This first time visit helped me to learn that there is still a very long way for Shanghai to catch up with the standard Hong Kong built and maintained, as a friendly metropolitan, as a business central and as a tourist city.

Here is what is the key learning this time. I will find more time (maybe this weekend) to explain the trip in more details.

  1. Hong Kong is a city with great usability (as Eric said). Look at the Hong Kong metro – so effective and so clear.
  2. Hong Kong is a communication intensive city – there are 5 times more signs, signal lights, yellow lines (on the road), posters and other ways of communities than in Shanghai
  3. I like boats there – the star ferry is fantastic. I also took private boats and fasterTurboJet.
  4. I love the islands around Hong Kong – we visited Cheung Chau, and Lantau (the Sea Ranch). – Thanks for Minji to host us on her small island.
  5. Hong Kong is an ideal place for hiking – surprise? I claimed up to the maintain along Mt. Davis Path to the Jockey Club Mt. Davis International Youth Hostel. It took me 35 minute but the view was breath-taking

I took about 600 pictures there and it takes sometime to upload it to this website. I will be back.


Wendy and Jian Shuo would like to thank Minji and the German girl (we didn’t know her name yet) for hosted us on their 50-residents island, and Eric for professional tour guiding.


  1. I think you looks older than before.

  2. Wow. How did you manage to do/experience so much in just a few days?


  3. 600 pictures in ~ 3 days!! Wow! Thats impressive!

    Looking forward to seeing them on your blog.

    Here are some amazing pics of HK,


  4. It’s good to hear from you again, JS! And great to know that you had a fantastic time in HK! :-)

  5. don’t work too hard,jianshuo! take care.

  6. i wish i could get a job in that hotel becouse is good

  7. i wish i could get a job in that hotel becouse is good

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