Hong Kong MTR

I was very impressed by the Hong Kong MTR. I have just uploaded some pictures of the MTR onto the photo section of this site:

hongkong-kcr.tickets * 1280 x 960 * (548KB)

The Hong Kong MTR ticket is very similar with the ticket in Shanghai. The difference is, it is much more expensive (9 HKD to go across the Victoria Strait v.s 2 RMB to cross Hong Pu River in Shanghai).

hongkong-kowloon.tong * 1280 x 960 * (600KB)hongkong-central.sign-mtr * 1280 x 960 * (596KB)hongkong-rocket.wall-mtr * 1280 x 960 * (493KB)

The Hong Kong Metro is colorful.

hongkong-signs-exit.mtr * 480 x 640 * (149KB)hongkong-mtr-inside * 960 x 1280 * (591KB)hongkong-quanwan.line-kcr * 960 x 1280 * (584KB)

hongkong-station-mtr * 640 x 480 * (147KB)hongkong-red.entry-kcr * 1280 x 960 * (593KB)hongkong-waiting-mtr * 1280 x 960 * (569KB)

Hong Kong is famous as a crowded city, but the metro was built with large scale. There are very big halls undergrand, many wide tunnels and enough elevators. I didn’t experienced jam (short delay due to too many people) there.

hongkong-large.hall-mtr * 1280 x 960 * (540KB)hongkong-entry-mtr * 1280 x 960 * (540KB)hongkong-slop.from.up-mtr * 1280 x 960 * (562KB)hongkong-slop-mtr * 1280 x 960 * (592KB)hongkong-ticket-seller * 640 x 480 * (144KB)hongkong-window-mtr * 1280 x 960 * (574KB)

I like the transition of the Metro most. From KCR to Central, I can always get to another line on the opposite side of the same platform as I get off. It is like Singapore. Shanghai and Beijing are different stories.

P.S. I am on business trip these days. I travel to a city, sometimes a county, sit down and have meeting with local customer, get on to a van, travel, and then sit down with another group of customers. I visit two places every day and sleep in a different city every day until this Friday.

4 thoughts on “Hong Kong MTR

  1. ced

    If you would stay in HK for a few days more, you could try use an octopus card for paying transportation fees of MTR, KCR, green mini-bus, bus, ferry, tram or even buying snacks in convenient shops or supermarkets.

  2. anna


    i happened to bump into your website a few days ago and really enjoyed your articles on shanghai where i had just visited for the first time. shanghai is a truly amazing city.

    as for hk mtr, ced is right, only if you had more time to use the octopus card, quite an invention and accomplishment for hk!

  3. Mama Ina

    Hi, i still in doubts the correct train route from shenzhen to Disneyland. I know there is a transit at Kowloon Tong but which train must i take to proceed to Disneyland.

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