Busy Life Started Again

The life as a consultant is interesting. The point is, I need to tell customers how the products and solutions help their organization (this part is easy) and make sure it does happen as I described (this part is not easy at all).

I still need some time to pick up the technical staff. So I stayed late these days and return to hotel later than 2300 at night. It was tough.

I found people have to be pushed.

New products release every week, new documents come out every hour and discussion emails pop up every minute – but if you don’t have a project on hand, you will never pay attention to it.

Sometimes you have to make a decision to open a door. After you step into the door, what you see, what you encounter, what problems you have to solve and what you learn are not dependant on you. You have to follow the new rule.

I chose the busy life over the easy one. This was my own choice, and I have to stick to it.

When I was a freshman in university, I strongly believe in that people cannot change themselves. The environment changes people. So our only choice is to choose an environment.

Just like people cannot commit suicide by stopping breath by mind – people just cannot do it. The only way to make it is to choose an external force to help… The inertia inside people’s minds is just like the life itself – it resists changing of any kind….

Well. I wanted to say, life is busy for me now but I love it. There is one thing I cannot bear, though, is I have to leave my home for terribly long time. I miss Wendy and home a lot.

The current project is big, bigger than I imagined. This is exciting. I am professional enough not to disclose anything related to my customer, so don’t ask. Thanks.

Travel Schedule

I expected it. In the next two months, I will travel a lot – once every week.

August 6 Beijing to Shanghai

August 8 Shanghai to Beijing

August 20 Beijing to Shanghai

August 22 Shanghai to Beijing

August 26 Beijing to Guangzhou

August 27 Guangzhou to Beijing

(if the project status permit, I may visit Hong Kong on the weekend)

September 3 Beijing to Shanghai

September 5 Shanghai to Beijing

September 13 Beijing to Hangzhou, Zhejiang

The plan is very likely to change without notice. It may help if you want to know where I am (Shanghai? Beijiing? Guangzhou? Hangzhou?…)

This is the 693rd Post on my Site

I just find out this is the 693rd post on wangjianshuo’s blog. What does it mean? The secret is, this is also the 693rd day since I started blogging on Sept 11, 2002. It also means, I have kept blogging for about two years with average one post every day. There are some pause (either server issues or personal issue. But the average post/day number finally get back to 1.0 after the Abandon of One Entry Per Day Rule. This is the longest attempt to keep doing something consistantly in my recent years.

9 thoughts on “Busy Life Started Again

  1. HI, Jian Shuo, referring to your “one post per day”, I really admire your persistence. Keep going!

  2. “make sure it does happen as I described”

    Tough, since there must be many variables outside your control, or even unforeseeable. Your perseverance is admirable.

    Presumably, the client’s expectations have to be managed, too?

  3. Nice philospohy you have about people, change and the environment! Since you’ll be travelling a lot, you should enroll in the club membership of the airlines that you always fly with to earn miles for benefits and privileges. Happy travelling! :D

  4. Yes. I am a member of Eastern Airlines’ Frequent Flyer Proram and benifit from it. Now I have two round trip tickets (four tickets) for free already.

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    asd some people opening account today and getting 250mb. that is disgusting!!!!

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