250MB from MSN Hotmail

Received this message from Hotmail this morning:

As a valued MSN Hotmail Member, you will receive your storage upgrade automatically in the coming days. Over the month of August we will upgrade the storage capacity of your e-mail account to 250 MB – that’s 125 times your current storage limit! We will also increase your attachment size from 1MB to 10MB. This means you will be able to store and attach more than ever and it’s free!

That is great. I registered my hotmail address in 1997 and sticked to it till today. I almost forget the miracle of hotmail of starting a company with 300,000 USD and sold it to Microsoft at 400 million two years later. The day the founder Sabeer he sold it is exactly his birthday…

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  1. Hotmail is just one step behind the Yahoo. Now you can get a 1GB email account from Yahoo for free if you 1) open an email account in yahoo.com.cn 2) download Yahoo messenger 3)add one contact to messenger

  2. I have a question about hotmail. why cannot I delete the mail in hotmail box? The button of “delete” is out of work. Could u help me?

  3. I am using hotmail last 7 years and still have 2mb stroge capacity.

    asd some people opening account today and getting 250mb. that is disgusting!!!!

  4. please my dear

    please send me the possibility of increasing my hotmail to 250mb it’s free

    thankssssssssssssss my brother

  5. someone forwarded me something and all I got was Attachment message5.txt

    I attempted to open it and got a notepad box with 0.

    Why is this?

    Also someone had forward me something which I did receive however when I tried to forward it something turned it into a message5.txt attachment.

    why is this and how can it be corrected?

  6. i am still struggling with a 2mb storage !! how does one get an upgrade to 250 mb??!!

  7. i am still struggling with a 2mb storage .please send me the possibility of increasing my hotmail to 250mb by free.

  8. Yeah any chance my storage is increased for free….I get flooded with 0.5mb spam mail and in no time my 2mb is full!!!

  9. i have had an hotmail account since 1996 and have been using it regularly. still have 2MB quota (instead of the promised 250MB), while others opening accounts today are getting 250MB. What the f*** is microsoft doing — its been almost a year since they promised to “automatically” increase storage in the “next few months”

  10. hi if you want to increase your mail box to 250mb, it’s very simple operation, you need to go to your profile change your residence to USA residnce, chosse a state and chez zip code, after that you need to close your account.

    check again your mail box “SURPRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISE” you have 25Mb after that mayber 1week it’s automaticly increase to 250Mb.

    don’t worry when you close your account your mail stay in your mail box and you didn’t forget them.


  11. my storage capacity is still 2mb.how can i get 250 MB storage capacity..my id is more than 5years old

  12. can you please send me the possibility of increasing my hotmail please to 250MB it’s free!!!

  13. can you please send me the possibility of increasing my hotmail please to 250MB it’s free

  14. plz can u send me the information about how to get my mail account to 250 MB.

    with my regards.


  15. i just want to increase my hotmail storage to 250MB and my attachment to 10MB so plz send me suggestions on how to increase my hotmail account.

  16. i have msn accuont form last 3 years but my mail box only 25 mb pelase sent me possibility of increasing my hotmail please to 250MB it’s free. ok bye

  17. Hi,

    I used hotmail account last 8-10 years in INDIA . but now it is 2 mb capacity.

    Is it possiable to increase the capasity to 250 MB in nere future ?



  18. i want you to send me the 250 mb for hotmail now plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  19. If you want to increase your hotmail space to 25 MB first and then to 250 MB… follow the steps …


    ******* IMPORTANT *********



    Steps are

    1.Login ur hotmail account and go to options.

    2.Go to “Personal”

    3.Click “My Profile

    4.Change Country to “United States

    5. Wait for browser to load United states settings

    6. Change the state to “Florida” and zip code “33332

    7. Click “update

    8. Click “Continue

    9. Go to “Language” and make sure its “English

    [mel] at this stange.. the default is ENGLISH.. dont click ok.. just copy the link below into the browse and hit enter. If.. u get that error page and site cannot be accessed thingy.. just open a new IE browser window and paste this link into it.. it will automatically update u’re hotmail account.

    10. Paste this link in the same browser.


    11.Wait until the Screen says you’re Hotmail is Closed and ready to be deleted.

    11.Click “Close Account”.

    12. Go back to login page and relogin to ur hotmail account..!!

    You will get a screen mentioning an Account has been reserved for you or

    something like that, on that screen click accept On the next screen click

    on the link that says F ree hotmail, once you do that you will get an option

    to subscribe to news letters, donn’t check any boxes and click continue, and

    you are all set You can now change back Your address to your original address

    Your account size will now increase to 25 MB which a month later becomes 250 mb.

    by Mariniac

  20. hi am a student and ive been using hotmail account fro many years and this year i actually had to delete alot of emails coz i needed space i just wonder y i still havent got the 250Mb even ive been using the account for years and some of my friends got it after 2 day thats not fair right?

  21. if ur wondering how to get 25MB first follow Mariniac. ive been using hotmail for years now and it wasnt upgraded right away, but following the instructions i got 25MB. a month later it will hopefully become 250MB

  22. Hi,

    I want to increase my hotmail inbox from 2mb to 250mb.

    My box is everyday full.

    Can you please help me?

  23. I have been using hotmail since long.However my storage capacity i still 2 mb.Plz increase my capacity at least up to 25MB

    thank you

  24. hi …

    just wanted to know if u could possibly help me get more storage capacity in my hotmail address..i have been using hotmail since last 8-9 years n it still is 2 mb…..

    thank you

  25. hi…jst 2 say..i m using hotmail 4 past 4 years….but it difficult 2 log as the storage limit is so little….if my inbox if full…it takes up lot of time deletin and readin mails of interest….so a request if my accounts storage can b increased…….

  26. My storage capacity is still 2MB. how can i increase the storage space to 250 MB … i just want to increase my hotmail storage to 250 MB.

  27. Hello Mariniac!!

    i m a student and i wanted to incerase my hotmail space to 250 mb so i tryed to do exactly like u said in ur post which was Posted on October 12, 2005 06:19 AM .

    I could do upto steps:

    1.Login ur hotmail account and go to options.

    2.Go to “Personal”

    3.Click “My Profile

    4.Change Country to “United States

    5. Wait for browser to load United states settings

    6. Change the state to “Florida” and zip code “33332

    After this there are only 2-option in my hotmail and they are:

    (i) save & (ii) cancel ::: but theres no option found as udate of continue…even though i changed my country name as US my space is limited to 2mb still.

    Plesae ,help me!! how would i incerase my space to 250 mb…that will be totally appriciated pplz.

  28. Can I get my account storage upgraded to 250 MB. I am a hotmail customer for last 5 years. What will it take to get the upgrade.


  29. All you have to do is to turn off Messenger and sign up in your Hotmail account. Go to options/personal and than My profile. Change your country code to USA and pick one of the states – we tried Florida and used 33332 as the zip code. After you change this, go to update than continue. While you are still logged into Hotmail go here and deactivate your account. Don’t worry – all your mails will remain safe. Now you have to go to hotmail.com and log with your username and password and you will automatically re-activate your account.

    When you log in you will see that you already have a 25MB account while it’s supposed to upgrade to 250MB soon. I did it few days ago and I am still at 25MB.

    it will surely help u dont worry guys :) …… lov u guys

  30. I did the change of Country, city and zip code, change the language and also closed my account and then re-open and it did not work. I still have 2MB..

    Could it be that they fix that and it doesn’t work any more?

    please help,


  31. well budy i have told u the right way to get 250 mb that method which i gave at the top did work for me it it will work plz try again …..

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