SARS is Back in China

According to news report, more and more new SARS cases are discovered these days. 4 patients were discovered around the previous SARS patient found in Beijing.


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In Shanghai, every protection measures started automatically. The building I am working at start to post the daily disinfected report in all the elevators.


© Jian Shuo Wang. Taken at Metro City in Shanghai

Since I don’t take taxi any more, I don’t know what is happening on taxis. Anyway, people here are quite skillful to handle SARS and I am not worried at all.

4 thoughts on “SARS is Back in China

  1. I like your attitude about Sars, calm and confident. The last thing we need is a repeat of last year’s panic. Back then, I worried more about people’s crazy reactions than actually catching the disease itself! :)

  2. it seems like only yesterday when i was panicking my way out of china. i’ve been reading the papers and have come across a couple articles about SARS. i’m not sure how i feel about it yet… since i’m now in the philippines. we’re still gearing towards moving to shanghai regardless of the situation. for those who are in the same panic boat i was in last year, this blog helped me cope with the unecessary loss of sleep and paranoia.

    let’s hope this year’s bout with sars will be a quick one.

  3. Why you are not taking taxi anymore? is this about security or you got your own car?

    I am going to Shanghai in 3 week and I want to be very aware of any potential problem…(Like taxies)

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