Dan is Going to Travel Across China

Check this article: Traveling Across China: Need Your Help!. I am excited about Dan Washburn’s plan to travel across China. Dan is my friend I never met. We planned the Kanas trip last year via phone and email, but never met up. My wife and I didn’t go there at last, but Dan managed to go with my other friends, Eric and Simon.

His Plan

His plan to travel across China is so exciting. This is quoted from his plan:

To me, the most interesting stories are found far away from what is considered “famous,” far away from tour busses and tourist sites marked by colorful flags. I want to see the China not often seen … so my readers can see it, too.

There’s a good chance that I might be making this trip alone – and my Chinese language skills are just a little bit better than bu hao. So, wherever I go, it would be great to have a guide or a translator or just someone to have a beer with. Interested? Actually, if you are fluent in Chinese and English, have a sense of adventure – and have some time to kill this summer – maybe you could tag along for part of the trip. And if you happen to be an unemployed documentary filmmaker, all the better. (But you’d need to be able to pay your own way … otherwise, I’ll probably be broke by Beijing).

Help Dan

Since I know my blog has large number of reader in many different places in China, and they know both English and Chinese, I’d like to ask help for Dan. Please visit Dan’s plan and give him suggestions. If Dan happens to be in your city, just invite him for a cup of tea if you have time. That must be valuable memory for both you and Dan.

P.S. This is his plan on his Shanghai Diary.

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