Sunset at Pudong

In my First Week in Pudong report, I wrote:

After I moved to Pudong, I can see the sun set again. I can see the redish clouds on the west before the sunset. There is a long preriod of time from sunset to completely dark. This recalls the life in my home town in Luoyang. This is so common in most places in the world, but not in downtown in Puxi. It seemed to me that in Puxi, when the Sun sets, it becomes dark very soon. There is no colorful clouds after the sunset. I suspect it may because of the high buildings that blocked the view and the reflection of the remaining sunlight after sunset.

I didn’t find a chance to take the red-clouds yet, but here is a picture I took when I drove back home (I took it at a long red light, not during driving.)


© Jian Shuo Wang

This is what I called “a long preriod of time from sunset to completely dark”.

P.S. Since I don’t have Internet access at my current temp home, this article is created offline and uploaded in a batch when I can access Internet.

2 thoughts on “Sunset at Pudong

  1. hello,you’re halcyon’s friend?

    i am.

    besides, i am native shanghainese. i’am living in pudong.

    so when i see your picture of the sunset of pudong, i feel like home. very beautiful, really!

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