37 Killed in Beijing and 40 in Moscow

Oh, My God. What happened to the world? 37 people was killed when they were celebrating the Yuan Xiao Festival last night and 40 people were killded in Moscow metro fire. Since SARS, I found more and more news headlines are bad news…

5 thoughts on “37 Killed in Beijing and 40 in Moscow

  1. more bad news to come:

    Thursday night to Friday morning Eighteen cockle pickers (think to be Chinese)have died after becoming trapped by rising tides in Lancashire’s Morecambe Bay.

    Details see bbc news:


    Why we hear all sorts of bad news? I think it is a real IMPROVEMENT than saying everything is OK when something is wrong… And becasue information is more easy to get, the more bad news you can get.

    Wish everybody be good…

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  2. In America we hear that the subway fire was caused by a bomb. Is the Chinese media reporting another story?

  3. In China, we ALSO hear that the subway fire was caused by a bomb – a terrism bomb as the news came out today (one day after the event). So be assured that for most international news, the media in China acts as accurate (or as inaccurate) as western media.

  4. As for the international news coverage, Chinese people actually can hear more news than people do in US.

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