Shanghai Map Viewer 0.71 Released

New Feature / Bug Fix

  • Changed the wording of claim to profile.
  • Remove del button from the map and move it to the point profile page.
  • Bug fix: now the Place Name field can be modified in Profile.asp. In 0.7, it cannot be changed.
  • Added border image so broken image will not be shown at the edge of the map
  • Added statistics of most populated area on the map.


4 thoughts on “Shanghai Map Viewer 0.71 Released

  1. Hi , may name is Ante (25 years old) and aym from Croatia (Europa) , ay have a busines trip to China .

    Ay have serch the net for maps of Shangai and Guangzhou .

    Please cann you help me to find a map of that 2 citys .

    Ay need that maps becos ay travel to Shangay on 1 airport then ay must go to 2 airport and ay must travel to Guangzhou .

    Its hard to find Guangzhou town map.

    And ay will prisciet if you cann serch the Guangzhou town map.

    Or gave me a direcion on net to serch a maps.

    And wer cann ay find somthing how to do business with China (peopel) – CUSTO IN BUSINRSS

    And if you want ay cann find and send you from Europyans pages , or from may Country .

    And if you interested ay cann send you full discrib of may country , turistic destiations , hotels , enithing dtat you nid .( we ar turistic Country with 1000 islands)

    Thank you in advants.

    P.S. Sory for bad English


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