Signed Life Ensurance

Got my life ensurance today. There is a big progress in the insurance industry that people in Shanghai no longer treat it as lier. Mr. Xu is a very good agent and I will be happy to recommend him to others. Let me post his contact information on the web later. (Short entry today)


  1. How does people think of life insurance in general? I’m bullish on its growth so I’m long LFC (China Life Insurance).

  2. It is changing with positive trends. More and more people, like Wendy and I, are seeking out to find an agent to buy insurance. Before, it often happened that the customer buy the insurance just because the agents were too bothersome to call every day…

  3. Hi, well actualy I am writting here, because I didn’t found one email to contact you. So, I want you to ask If I can use your Starbucks image ( Because I am making a Starbucks fansite ( And I don’t found realy good pictures, and yours is realy good!. Well I hope you read this…, bye!

  4. Ignacio, yes. go ahead to use it as long as a link back to this page is provided.

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