Muzimei Shock Wave (cont.)

Shock Wave in Search Engine Terms

Keyword: 木子美 (Muzimei)

11/10/2003 Hit 998 Baidu Rank 730

11/11/2003 Hit 117,318 Baidu Rank 1

Keyword: 遗情书 (Yiqingshu)

11/10/2003 Hit 181 Baidu Rank 5495

11/11/2003 Hit 54,151 Baidu Rank 4

Shock Wave in Website Traffic

11/10/2003 Unique Visitor 16K Bandwidth 2.99G

11/11/2003 Unique Visitor 114K Bandwidth 11.59G

Source: BlogChina

Can I draw the conclusion that on Nov 11, 2003, the hotest topic in China Internet users is, Muzimei and her sex blog? Shutdown Because of Traffic Reason

Intead of my guess of media or government pressure, is not accessible due to the huge volume of the traffic. According to, blogcn is trying to add more servers to handle the huge traffic. Our reader JH and dodo, Muzimei’s website is accessible on North America while I cannot access it even via proxy in U.S. The traffic reason will explain this – it is not because of the block, it is because the traffic is much lower at U.S. day time – when the Muzimei seekers in China fall asleep. Zzzz…

“Microsoft Violated My Right of Know”

After reading, I found one of the most interesting statement I saw this month. It is in an article about all the reasons of using pirated Microsoft software. Most of them didn’t make sense. I think the author just wrote it as jokes. Among them, I see this reason:

Microsoft refuses to open the source code to me. So they violated my right of know

Haha. What a right of know. :-)

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