SARS is Over in Shanghai – II

SARS is over. After claiming the end of SARS two days ago, I feel even sure when all the information I gathered in the city these two days.

Taxi drivers removed their masks

According to Shanghai Transportation Adminstration, the regulation for all taxi drivers to wear masks was canceled. Starting from June 1, only attendants on air-conditioned buses, attendants in subways, and staff in long-distance bus stations are still required to wear masks.

Revenue increase for shopping malls, restaurants

According to Shanghai Morning Post of today, shopping malls see 16% increase in revenue. Restaurants return to 70% of the normal level. We begin to see people line up at some hot restaurants.


The Century Park received 20K visitoers every day last Saturday and Sunday. The Forest Park, Sheshan and other near places begin to surfer from the large traffic. People begin to line up for the buses, parks, tickets and dining. Some of them began to complain for that.

Congratulations to Shanghai

It was nightmare in the last two months. The city has experienced the hardest time in the recent year. Although it is still not the right time to officially announce the end of SARS, the daily life is returning to its original status.

P.S. Bicycle renting service

I found a bicycle renting company. Phone: 63144085 Address: Room 309, #1088, Zhongshan Road South. They offer new bicycle at 50 RMB per day, 60 RMB for two days and 90 RMB for three days.

9 thoughts on “SARS is Over in Shanghai – II

  1. Isn’t 90 RMB for three days a bit excessive? Here in Beijing you can buy a new single-speed steel bike for slightly over 100.

    Who are these businesses targeting? Tourists?

  2. Yes, what a pretty lucrative “new” business!

    50 RMB per day? They can give the cost back only in 4 times renting or so. I wonder if it is going along well.

    It reminded me of my memory some 10 years ago, renting a bicycle – not so polished, but it move – riding around the city in Zhejiang province when I visited their by work.

    Is my sence antiquated?

  3. Oh, I forgot writing down the renting price at that time, it noly took 1 RMB a day! Meanwhile the price of a new bicycle was even higher than now.

  4. Wow. Seems people are more interested in the renting of bicycles instead of SARS – that is good since people are not as neverous for SARS as before. Haha.

    I didn’t checked out the quality of the bicycle yet, but it is said that they almost new – brand new and are those very good model. I wanted to check it out but now I have found a prety good bicycle at 360 RMB. I want to buy one.

    I still think the business owner are serving a big market since if I go out with my friends, if they don’t have bicycle or we happen to be lack of only one bicyle, to rent one is obviously the best idea.

  5. Is SARS really over in Shanghai? We canceled our trip to Beijing/Shanghai in May and are looking to see the possibility to make the trip in July (dropping Beijing as destination).

  6. I am happy I postponed my trip till July. Shanghai is best when everyone is out having fun and enjoying the city.

    Go to Mao Ming Lu on Friday night if its full of people then Sars is surely over.

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