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I found SARS has been part of people’s life these days. There are too many things that remind you of the existance of SARS in the city.

Sticker in taxi

The first thing I noticed is a yellow sticker on right part of the dashboard in the taxi I took. The sticker is about 30 CM in width, stating:

SARS can be cured. Don’t panic. If you found the following symptoms: Fever, headache, an overall feeling of discomfort, and body aches, please call this number immediately:


The same yellow sticker was sticked just in front of the passenger’s seat on the first row in the car. It also appeared on many taxis. When I took the Dazhong taxi home at night, I found the same sticker. According to the taxi driver, the notice was sticked there at the begining of today.


When I sit down to have my dinner at the table in a restraunt in Xujiahui, I noticed the couple near my table were talking about SARS – it is very common that people talk about SARS every where.

News paper

Picking up the latest Xin Min Evening, two headlines are all about SARS – one said that the central government is paying enough attention to the situation of SARS; the other talk about the SARS precautions the city had took. SARS related news been the headline of local newspapers for about a week.


Whenever I get on taxi these days, I will ask the driver to turn on radio – there are always some pieces of news on SARS – most of them are positive – reporting the SARS has been under control; or SARS patients have recovered and have left the hospital…


On Oriential TV, most of the SARS topics are related to actions taken to prevent SARS from spreading. When I opened TV today, I got to know that Shanghai has be second confirmed case of SARS – the father of the previous SARS patient. According to the news report, the situation of both of them are stable.

Taxi driver

I happened to talked with a 40-year-old taxi driver today. He comes from the Dazhong taxi company. I asked whether the news of “all taxi are disinfected everyday” is true or not. He just told me: “My taxi was disinfected one month ago – they just push the spayer bottle twice and told me, your car has been disinfected. I don’t believe it will have any real effect.” He also added. “However, I am not afraid of SARS at all – I don’t believe I will get hit.”

Search items

I analyzed the visit log of this website today and found some visitors come to my site by typing the following search terms in search engines. You can see what people are thinking about these days.


A man was reported to be ejected by airlines for SARS joke. He said he got SARS on the plane and caused panic. It turned out he is only playing a joke but he was ejected by the caption with two friends. People are already too nervous and don’t play jokes any more.

But this photo is really interesting.

Image source: Chinese tea (Chinese site)

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  1. Your website is great!

    I am a student from East China Normal University.It is said that two teachers on my campus was caught SARS.I do not know whether it is true or not. But some buildings on my campus were taken disinfection this friday. And my friends who studied in Beijing said that the situation there is very severe even some students died on his campus.

  2. cotton, nice to hear from you. We are in the same city and we are concerning about the same thing. Keep the observation but don’t panic. Can you check more about the suspected two cases in your university? Interview your friends in the same department to see if it is true. Let me and hundreds of other readers know the result.


  3. I am also a student at ECNU (I am a Canadian studying chinese here) and I have heard the same rumours about 2 or 3 people being ill with SARS and that one may have died. My friend asked her teacher if it was true that there were sick people in this school and she told her yes but she had no details. The school just cancelled the HSK exam (test of chinese language level for foreigners), which was due to be held in a week and a half, because of SARS. Our dorm is being disinfected with bleach almost every morning. It is a very nerve-racking situation…no one knows what is true and what to believe. Has anyone heard any hard facts?

    Your website is very helpful and informative. Thanks very much!

  4. my daughter is a student at Central China Normal University in Wuhan, are there any cases of sars reported there?

  5. my daughter is a student at Central China Normal University in Wuhan, are there any cases of sars reported there?

  6. Thanks for posting. However, I am not the person to give out any number. Please check the official announcement in the news. We do apprieciate anyone who can share us some insider’s information in particular places – universities, buildings, areas….

    However, please take these number as rumor. You can take precautions when neccessary but the official number is still the right source to listen too.

  7. Our teacher announced that the two suspected cases on our campus(ECNU)was now cleared. She said the two teacher did not catch SARS, they just caught flu. But some strict measures are now being taken on the campus. 1.Every dorms and buidings are disinfected every day. 2.Students or teachers who had been to other cities recently are now be quarantined. 3. From now on, everyone who plan to leave Shanghai must report to their teacher and will be quarantined after they come back. 4.Most of the student activities such as meetings,lectures are canceled.But we also doubt whether these measures will be efficacious. As for the first measure “disinfection”, they just drop a little disinfector in the front of our dorm. How could these several drops protect us from SARS?! These measures just sound good……May god bless us…..

  8. Hi, great blog! I just added a link to this page on my brand-new blog. Because I also have a SARS calculation. Hope things will get better soon!

  9. Yes. The caculation is really scary on your website. 6 billion people infected :-( I also see the link to your page on other websites. The calculation are popular now.

  10. Am wondering if it is safe to travel to Nepal around Dec???Anyone travelled to this region recently?Thanks in advance.

  11. Well. I just guess – it should be safe – if you are worring about SARS. I don’t see any reason why not go to Nepal. Nepal is not infected by SARS so far.

  12. What do you think about conditions in Thailand regarding SARS? Any truth to the matter that there is no major or any problem there?

  13. Hey and God bless those pepole in China, Canada,Hong Kong,and to the other citys thats Infected with the Sars I pray every night for God to help the family withh the Sars to bless every one of yall God bless and stay health ok.

  14. hola eh leido bastante sobre e ste problema del sars una pregunta decearia saber que metodos naturales se estan usando, yo tengo uno que podria servir y que ademas es preventivo para fortalecer el sistema inmunologico ya que este sitema ah respondido en enfermos de sida

    bueno ah sido un gusto y espero vuetra informacion

  15. am brown from nigeria.

    plz, we would love every body in this repuitabkle hole world to live in peace plz wy can,nt we just find som thng specail to do with this virouse call SARS.

    I believe the very first time we heard about cancer it,s all thing that kill instater an distriy the hole world ,

    but am giving yu the oppurtuinithing that if we all go to our scientific method we will find sometrhing discern about it b/4 it will be to late .

    b/4 we becoming a half world


    plz let,s do something plz


  16. I’m in Australia. How long will it take for SARS to get here?

    And also, I just read a site which said that SARS was a US military conspiracy. Only in America…

  17. i am doing a skool project on sars and would like to know whether you knew the cause of it? can u e-mail the answer to me A.S.A.P!


  18. Okay yes SARS is bad but why is everyone saying its an American conspiracy? Its not! It started in Asia for petes sake so bug off and research like me about where it started and all that so you actually know whats what.

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