Wangjianshuo.Com Featured in Shanghai Magzine

I am surprised to find out that on the local newspaper named Shanghai Magzine.

Image source: Page 66, Shanghai Magzine, April 2003

Here is the translation:

Being a personal website, Wang Jian Shuo’s is much more special. Under the completely English interface are the informative and practical Shanghai guide (such as where to rent a taxi for 7 persons), beautiful scene from travel around (from Xi’an to Seattle, from Hainan to Daocheng); There are also his sweet personal life (after 6.5 years, his marriage ceremony will be held in early May); There are even a BBS for visitors to post and communicate.

As a excellent graduate in the IT industry, Wang Jian Shuo take high command of technology of website. This personal website is clear in structure, the massive hyperlink looks just like a special maze – it is not intend to confusing people; it brings pleasure and enjoyment for visitors. For visit coming from aboard, this website is a window for Shanghai and a sketch of the young generation of Shanghai.

Thanks for Xiaolong for reporting my site in the popular magzine.

2 thoughts on “Wangjianshuo.Com Featured in Shanghai Magzine

  1. ups, so you lost my comment … again … congratulation for you homepage ! It’s relally great ! As having an own private homepage ( – unfortunately in german, but there are a lot of picture about shanghai in the Photo part) I know how much work it is to set it up and keep it updated – even mine is not as profession as yours – just blank HTML programming. Hope you continue to collect interesting news on your site in future,

    Cheers Harald

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