Resumed from the Short Pause of Service

Yesterday, this website experienced short pause in the comment system. It is because of the disk of the server is full so cause the corruption of comment database on the server. Now I have rebuilt the whole MovableType sytem from scratch and take the chance to upgrade it to MovableType 2.63.

I used the backup data on April 13, then manually inputed the entries after that time (5 entries) with the comments. Now most of the comments and articles are on the new system. However, I am afraid some comments between April 13 and April 17 are permently lost. I am very sorry for that.

I have informed the system adimistrator of the server to clean up the server disk – actually it is really wired that the build result of the MovableType is incomplete. I checked I still have a lot of disk space but it just refuse to build the right page. Then I believe the disk of the server itself was full. I called the operator and it is confirmed.

3 thoughts on “Resumed from the Short Pause of Service

  1. Cool website. Very informative — on SARS, in particular — and the overall presentation is very neat.

    I tried sending comments yesterday, but I guess they are permanently lost. :-)

  2. Thank you for you comment. Sorry that I may have lost your comment yesterday due to the server problem.

    I hope the site can help people to understand the real situation – It is not as good as the media reports in China, but it is still not as worse as some western media reported.

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