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Today, I happen to see Micah Sittig posted on his China, California, Books and mentioned my pictures to Daocheng. Really nice comment. Thanks Micah!

Wang Jianshuo reposted some pictures of his trip to Daocheng in response to a comment on another blog. This is the second time I’ve seen these, and in my estimation they are truly the most beautiful travel pictures I have every seen

The trip to Daocheng changed me a lot. It is one of the beautiful part of Tibet. The mass large area of Tibet may seems mysterious, but the area near Daocheng is really beautiful!

Reference is useful

By installing a reference Javascript on my home page, I can see the sources of some of my links and can check what others are talk about this site. Great feature! Thanks to Stephen.

18 thoughts on “Comments on My Daocheng Pictures

  1. JWS,

    These photos and your video are great! Just a nice pick me up for a Friday. Only two weeks till I return to shanghai.

    I guess you went here as part of a tour? What was the expense per person?

    I wonder if I could get my five star hotel girlfriend to think about it.

  2. Jian Shuo,

    Thanks! Is it true the China airlines are doing a promotion to travel again and over steep discounts on air tickets?

    I traveled to Cheng Du and spent a month there in 1993 I bet it has changed alot since then. Sichuan is right next to Tibet.

    Final question where did you learn English so well?

  3. Hi Nick,

    I heard some discounts in air tickets recently after the SARS crisis – just to encourage travel. There are various program by different airlines. The safest way is to check with a agent. Another news, the average list price of all airlines dropped 3% with the drop of oil price. :-) But it is small money compared to the 40% even 50% off promption price.

    Ha, regarding English, just through the normal middle school and university education here – I didn’t pay extra money or time in any language schools. :-)

  4. Hi JWS,

    I think it is great,you sharing your experience with people like me who is dying to see the real China. Love your pictures. Is it safe for young children (11/12) to travel to Daocheng.My kids love adventures.

  5. Your site seems to have become a magnet to spammers like “levitra”. :(

    These people are so pathetic…

  6. I really enjoy being at this informal place. Wish you luck and success for the future. Surely see you again sometime.

  7. Hello,

    I saw a posting somewhere in your website about:

    MOTOROLA V70 -$30 V66 -$25 V50 -$25 V60g -$30 T190/191-$15 V600 -$110 V300 -$80

    A835 -$110 G70 -$50 V60t -$30 V70G -$35 T7201i-$65 V3 RAZR-$150 V220 -$90 … Can you please give me some company info. to contact. I would like to purchase some phones from China. I went thru your site, but unable to find it. Please assist.

  8. Hi,

    I appreciate your kind efforts to convey your happy impressions and beautiful images about the places that you visit. I am particularly an avid fan of yours wne it comes to your native China. I just came from Chengdu and Beijing for a 7 day business (and pleasure) trip and I was blown away by the first time experience of the places and the people and the food. I know that I will visit China again and again whenever the opportunity comes.

    God bless you and more power to you.


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