Best of Febuary 2003 Blog


This article summarizes my blog entries of Febuary 2003, so you can find information you want more easily.

Febuary is the shortest month of the year. There is 28 days in 2003, among which, 7~9 days are Chinese Spring Festival. There is only 10 blog entries in this month

In this month, there is a piece of breaking news – golarger spam. I described what is golarger spam and quoted Simo‘s complain email to fight back this spam. It is interesting that a lot of people find my page in the #1 position in Google result for golarger. So they think I am the one who send out spam to them. They complained and posted here and there.

Like golarger, Xupiter is another kind of annoying spam. I described about this and linked to articles to remove it in this entry.

Althought it is the holiday season, the people in Guangzhou and surrounding areas are not that lucky. Pneumonia-type virus outbreak in Guangzhou. It has been said the situation became worse several days later.

There is something interesting too. More website are linking to me; I found a good way to go from Pudong Airport to Suzhou. I went to Beijing for about four days. It was sunny there.

That’s all for my Febuary in 2003. Check here for more details.

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