Mobiles in China – My Personal Perspective

Huge Mobile Subscribers Amount

According to the latest report from the Ministry of Information Industry on Dec 17, 2002, by the end of Nov 2002, the number of mobile subscribers has reached 200.3 million.

Mobile phone subscriber # 200.31 million

Fixed-line telephone subscriber # 212.68 million

Telephone total subscribers # 412.99 million

Internet users # 48.29 million

# of telephone subscribers by the end of Nov 2003, according to Ministry of Information Industry, China

From the begining of 2002, there are about 5 million new mobile subscribers. With this trend going on, the number of mobile subscribers will exceed the one of fixed-line telephone very soon. The number of 200 million subscribers means every 100 persons in China have 14.95 mobiles. This number in big cities like in Shanghai and Beijing is much higher.

My personal perspective

From my personal perspective, there is vivid persons and lives behind these abstract numbers. I bought my mobile five years ago when I was still a student. My girlfriend bought hers 6 years ago. I don’t have any friend who don’t have a mobile in Shanghail now – my estimation is, any well-educated young people in Shanghai have a mobile.

What surprises me a lot is, even the workers decarating my house have their mobiles – the painters, the decorators, the mason, the electricity, and the carpenter. They dressed poorly – they don’t bath for weeks, but they have mobiles. It is amazing!

I do have one friend in Shanghai who only have a pager – a 70-year-old famous professor. Beside him, I don’t know anyone without a mobile phone.

Mayor of WebmasterWorld described his vision for China when he was here in 70’s.

Having spent some time in PRC in the late ’70’s, my vision of the Peoples Republic is still one where there is little electric power or communication infrastructure, except to a limited amount in major cities. It’s still a vision of technology mired in the 1940’s.

It is quite true that in late 70’s, there is almost on communication infrustructure. But now, it has changed greatly.

Impression of my friends in US

Some friends of mine came to Shanghai from Seattle. They are talking about the mobile and communication infrustcture in China excitedly – “Can you imagine it? My mobile phone still gets signals in the mountains that are hours’ car ride from Chengdu!!” I happent o have the pictures of the mountains he described.

When I was travelling in Seattle, I found it insteresting that a lot of people don’t have mobiles. People explained this to me: in the north Americian, the telephone infrusturct has been built very well and you can easily find a telephone anywhere. But in China, to find a telephone on the street is not as easy. So there is a huge demand to get a mobile.

Fee of China Mobile

Here is the fee of China Mobile Communication Corp. (a.k.a CMCC)

Monthly subscription fee: 50 RMB/month

Local call: 0.4 RMB/min

Long distance call: 0.4 RMB/min + 0.07 RMB/6 seconds = 1.1 RMB/min

Answer phone: 0.4 RMB/min

Good way to save money:

Dial 17951 + Long distance number: 0.7 RMB/min

(note: 1 USD = 8.3 RMB)

For me, I use my mobile frequently. For local calls and long distance calls. I get a bill of around 300 RMB every month.

Mobile phones

Mobile phones in China is cheap. For some old-fasioned mobiles, it only costs about 300+ RMB (40 USD?) to get a mobile. It is different than in U.S. Mobile phone and the SIM card are sold seperately. You can buy any mobile you like and choose the NSP (network service provider). Any two can macth. There is a discount to buy a mobile with a SIM card though.

Big mobile phone companies are fighting for bigger market share aggressively. It is clear that Nokia is taking the leading position and Motorola follows. My new mobile is Alcatel OT715.

Network Service Providers

There are three large NSPs in China

  • China Mobile – the largest. I am using China Mobile.
  • China Telecome
  • China Unicom – this is the provider of my girl-friend’s

Actually, I don’t see much difference between the service they provide.

Besides the subscription fee based model, they also have other options, like Prepaid Card.

Pre-paid Card

All the providers offer their pre-paid card. Users of these card don’t have to pay for the monthly subscription fee, don’t have to pay the bill. They just buy a card (with a SIM card and certain amount of fee). There is a mobile phone related to this SIM card. Insert the SIM card into any mobile and you gain instant access to the mobile network.

Before the prepaid amount of money is used out, you can buy “value card”, which is about 50, 100, 200 RMB. Unveil the card number and password, call the provider’s number, key in the card number and password, you gain additional communication time. It is easy. The charge of this card per minute is a little bit higher than the monthly subscription model.

I have a lot of phone calls so I choosed the subscription based. My girl friend don’t use her mobile as frequently, so she bought the prepaid card.

Pre-paid card in action

Here is an example of the Shenzhouxing pre-paid card from China Mobile (CMCC).


Shenzhouxing card. You can see the SIM card on the left.

Local: 0.6 RMB/min

Domestic long distance: 0.6 RMB/min + 0.07 RMB/6sec

Answer call: 0.6 RMB/min

You can compare the rate with subscription-based rate listed before. Please note: both calling out and answering call are charged, at the same rate.

Signal coverage

Here is the China Mobile Communication Corp. (CMCC) report on signal coverage from ChinaByte on March 10, 2003

In the 36 major cities, avg. coverage = 99.86%

Country-wide highway coverage = 96%

In big cities like Shanghai, the coverage is a big challenge. There are two many tall buildings that weakens the signal. Now, most places are covered, such as in metro tunnel, in most elevators.


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  1. What is the difference between a Quanqiutong prepaid SIM card and a Shenzhouxing prepaid SIM card?

  2. dear sir ,

    i am intrested in importing china cellular mobile phones please send me list of exporters .


  3. Tarachand, thank you for your intesting in this page and your questions. However, I may not offer you my help at this time since I don’t have the bandwidth to check the exporter list for you. It may be more easier for me to help you to specify what you need in. Otherwise, a simple search in Google with “China Mobile Exporter” may be more helpful than I do for you. Just check this:

    Please don’t get me wrong. I am willing to help but the question is too broad for me to help you.

  4. I’m getting a Motorola V66 3-band gsm

    mobile phone in US. I was told that it

    was sim unlocked. Is there any way to

    make sure it is not locked before I

    leave for China? I wonder, if it

    happens to be locked, any one in Shanghai does the unlocking at all.

    By the way, how much does a Motorola V66 cost in Shanghai?


  5. Just bought a Mobile phone here and have bought 2 China Mobile sim with 50 rmb and one with 100 rmb. Why? I am trying to send SMS back home (Australia) and to friends in Turkey. Nobody seems to be getting these SMS but according to my phone they are being sent. Where do they go and why are they not reaching home. Apparently China Mobile does SMS to approx 60 countries!!! What is the trick?

  6. I am researching the “terms and conditions” (contracts or agreements) which mobile operators make with their customers. I would like to research China Mobile’s contracts – because they are the biggest mobile company in the world – but … I need to find their English language version!

    I found your online information on China Mobile prices very helpful thank you, and if you could direct me to a URL containing China Mobile’s terms and conditions for supply of mobile services to their consumer and/or business customers this would be great (I have looked at their web site but no luck – at least on the English language version).

    In order to give you an idea of the information I am seeking – here is a typical link to a mobile compamy’s terms and conditions …

    Thank you for any help you can provide.

    With best regards

    David Bartell



  7. Well. I did see some contrats from China Mobile, but there is no online Chinese version. Don’t have too high expectation for websites of local companies, especially for the English version.

  8. Thanks for taking the time to look at this, much appreciated.

    For the moment I guess I can review the various Hong Kong operators’ contracts, although they are very small companies compared with China Mobile.

    With best regards

    Dave Bartell

  9. For the agreement, like any other company’s agreement, customer will seldom spend time to read it and it seldom is refered. I hope I can find a copy someday and put the photo copy online.

    Jian Shuo Wang

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  12. I am wondering whether you can provide any information about GPRS prepaid. I am going to China soon and would like to buy a card that will enable me to use the GPRS network. Any info on how much it is per kilobyte if it is available?

  13. i just bought a china mobile postpaid sim card.. and im trying to sms back to malaysia, but it kept saying that the sms is not sent.. Y? i already called up china mobile and it appears that nothing is wrong. So why can’t i sms back to malaysia?? is malaysia included in the ’60 countries’? if not, are there any other ways i can sms back home, as well as receive smses frm there??

  14. Dear Mr Jian

    Just like to find out if there’s any information on how to identify the mobile’s phone service provider through looking at the first three digits of the mobile number ie 130xxxxxxx, 135xxxxxxx, etc.

    thanks and regards


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  21. Mr Jian

    I have read the comments about the pre paid cards but am still a little confused. I will be arriving in Shanghai shortly and really need to be in touch with Australia using my mobile for international phone calls and sms. Does the prepaid Shenzhouxing sim card enable me to do this? If not what do you recommend as the best option?

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    E800 5

    Motorola RAZAR 20

    Sonyericsson P910i 10

    K750i 10




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  46. i also want to buy some other electronics like

    MP3 PLAYERS (128, 256, 512 MB)

    FLASH DISK (128, 256, 512 MB, 1GB)






    so will u people help me to buy these things….i want to knw abt its price…..


    replay me at


  47. hi, I would like to buy SENDO X2 mobile telephone in China? Anybody know the price and where to buy=


  48. HI



  49. hi all..please i want to know the prices of some mobiles in china..

    this mobiles is :

    1-nokia 6680

    2-nokia 6681

    3-nokia 6630

    4-nokia 3230

    5-nokia 6670

    6-sonyericsson w800i

    7-sonyericsson w550

    i want the prices in doller please

    thank you

  50. hi all..please i want to know the prices of some mobiles in china..

    this mobiles is :

    1-nokia 6680

    2-nokia 6681

    3-nokia 6230i

    4-nokia 6230

    5-nokia 6670

    6-sonyericsson w800i

    7-sonyericsson w750i

    i want the prices in doller please

  51. Hello! I’m from the Netherlands. I’m looking for a possibility to import Nokia cellphones from China. Especially the 8800. Can anybody help me with this?

    You can add me on MSN:

    Hoping for good business…

    Kind regards,


  52. hello to all. i’am intresting to learn prices for mobiles ,like nokia N92,sony ericsson w900i .

  53. My name is Dmitriy, I plan on going to China in the nearest future.

    Would somebody be so kind to tell me what the prices of the Chinese Nokia 6681, Nokia 6680, Nokia N90, 91, Samsung D600 (D608), Nokia N70,71 and Nokia N80 are?

    And I also wonder, where I can buy them and what region is the best…

    I’m in a hurry now, and I need to get this information. Or could anybody tell me the site I can find this information on?! I’d really appreciate your time.

    Thanks very much.

    My e-mail is

    Thank you so much again.

  54. Agnes Fred, sorry, but I can’t send you an e-mail, my message returns. Your e-mail adress has too be checked upon, I guess.

    I want to buy a Nokia N91 form your store, where is it located? Is it China? Is it possible to ship it to Europe?

  55. hello,

    we are looking for mobile phone suppliers based in Beijing as we will be there in less than a month, could you give us some contact?

    many thanks, regards.

  56. Hi I was wondering if you could possibly send me a user manual in eng (or point me in the right direction) for the phone nec n710? Also one for the memory editor with the usb cable in english as well. Thankyou

  57. Hello,

    When sending a SMS to a phone it is usually addressed in the format of

    (Phone number)@(Phone address)

    Could someone please post the (Phone address) portion for China Mobile CMCC


  58. Hi Wang,

    Do you know how to send SMS text message to Shanghai City Mobile? (Xiaolingdong) from overseas? I can send SMS text messages from Australia to China mobile in Shanghai but unsure about how to send to city mobile.

    Thanks in advance.

  59. Hello,

    I saw a posting somewhere in your website about:

    MOTOROLA V70 -$30 V66 -$25 V50 -$25 V60g -$30 T190/191-$15 V600 -$110 V300 -$80

    A835 -$110 G70 -$50 V60t -$30 V70G -$35 T7201i-$65 V3 RAZR-$150 V220 -$90 … Can you please give me some company info. to contact. I would like to purchase some phones from China. I went thru your site, but unable to find it. Please assist.

    Thank you.

  60. My experience of SMS messages between China, is they arrive garbled – if they even arrive. Internally, it should be fine I would have thought. Although I read somewhere that you cant assume all phones receive txt messages, as it depends on their subscription. Ive tried sending standard english as well as chinese chars from my chinese phone, but both never arrive intact. I have my suspicions the message is being routed along a piece of wet string somewhere along the way, but thats just be being a cynic!

    Anyway, Im guessing that with mobile phones being so popular, buying the cards should be straight forward right? I think id go into a shop, whip out my phone point to it and ask “ni yau mei yau dian hua simm caad” – or is my broken chinese unintelligible?

  61. Jian Shuo Wang don’t you get Bored with these foolish and stupid. Stupid senseless MAILS.

    pEOPLES uSE your Sense.

  62. Hello from Beijing,

    I have a uk cell phone and I am not able to receive (nor write) sinograms :-( Is there a way to enhance my K750 ?


  63. I use a two-way radio at home in USA. There is no licensing restriction to use my FRS (Family Radio Service) low-power, short-range two-way radios. Does anyone know if it is permissible to use these FRS radios (462 mHz frequency band) in China? Is any license required to use such a radio in China?

  64. halo!i hve got nec c616 from uk but i m hving alot of problem wid it it dosent catch signal and then i hve to remove da battery and again on then it works and after sum time i hve 2do the same process again,if not i dnt receive any sms nor can i call can sumone tel me wats dis problem about and an easy solution to it,


  65. Hi,

    Can you tell me please… Where can we buy the cheapest China mobile phones in China and which is the best reliable place/source. Thanks

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  67. i have paasword problem for dopod D600 pda phone.i forgot the password.can you help me to remove this?


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  70. please tell me the requiste site for downloading softwares in chinese mobile ??

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