Realize Your Potential – Wine

The theme of this year in Microsoft is “realizing your potential”.

It is a great topic. Before tonight, I thought I cannot drink too much wine or bear. But to my surprise, I attended the annual party and drunk a lot of wine. I had 2.5 full cup of white wine tonight – about 1000 ml and three cups of red wine, along with count-less cups of bear.

It is amazing if not astonishing. Before that, I cannot drink any wine or hardly can have much bear. Now I am OK and am not drunk. This can be a milestone for me in social communication.

Before today, I really hesitate to build up my capacity to drink wine. I think it is bad thing to drunk too much. Now I believe as long as it is OK for the body, this social communication is required and benifits for the person and for the business.

Hopeful, this is the right direction we need to grow up to get used to.

2 thoughts on “Realize Your Potential – Wine

  1. i’m trying to increase my alcholic tolerance level as well. and it’s not going too well.

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