Nanchang – It Only Means Hotel to Me.


I am in Nanchang, the captical of Jiang Xi Province. It is after two days trip before I get into the hotel of Cloria Plaza Hotel. The hotel is nice, and much above my expectation for a four star hotel – see my previous blog on a four star hotel in Chengdu.

From 7:00 PM, I had a great meeting with my CEO and the other good collegues and friends there. After that, we went to Kara-OK for entertainment. It is a nice night and I realized it is a good way to host some kind of entertainment for a team to build up the spirit.

Before I arrived in hotel, I also visited Jiang Gan Shan and donate a school bag to a girl there and also denote 100 RMB for the books the students are using. It is nice experience for me. I donate my tender love to them and hopefully, this event also marks a great milestone for them. — I do since I remember the times when other companies come to my school to donate.

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