Happy New Year


Photo taken at 0:10 AM, Jan 1, 2003 from my reading room

Happy New Year!

I can see the fireworks from just outside my window. I want to share the happiness of the new year with you.


  1. Happy new year,Jian Shuo!

    I was just back from a small village of more than 1000 years history located in the southern part of Hu Nan province. The weather is not very good and I only spend one day there. But I received very good treatment by the local people and I can really feel their hospitality which is very hard to experience in the crowed city.

  2. very nice! It seems you always traveling around and enjoy the good days in the natural world. Admire…

  3. Happy Chinese Monkey New Year 2004 (+Fireworks)

    Happy New Year! I took some pictures of the fireworks from my home in Minghang. But it was much less than in the downtown, such as Xujiahui. Coz according to Wangjianshuo’s blog, he said that there were many which was…

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