From Pu Dong Airport to People’s Park

Today, I got a question from my reader:

Are there any reasonably priced shuttle services to get me from Shanghai Pudong airport to my hotel near Peoples Park?

It must be a very frequently asked question. Unfortunately, it is not easy to get an answer — I checked on the web but couldn’t find any useful resource before I gave up after five minutes.

Here is my suggestion:

The most convienit and cheap way to get from Pu Dong Airport to anywhere in the dowtown is to go by the Airport Bus. There are five lines connecting Pu Dong and downtown Shanghai.

# From To Price (RMB) /Estm. USD


Pu Dong Airport

Hong Qiao Airport

22 RMB / 2.65 USD


Pu Dong Airport

Shanghai Exihition Center (Near Ritz Carlton or People’s Square)

19 RMB

/ 2.28 USD


Pu Dong Airport

Zun Yi Road

20 RMB / 2.40 USD


Pu Dong Airport

East Jiang Wan Rd.

18 RMB

/ 2.16 USD


Pu Dong Airport

Shanghai Railway Station

18 RMB /

2.16 USD


The service time is 6:00~19:00 for downtown or 8:00~21:00 for Pu Dong Airport. For more information, you can call +86-21-38484500.

Hope this is useful for you if you travel to Shanghai.

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Updated: Questions and Answers

Felicia from Singapore asked

What is operation hours & days that the bus from Pudong Airport to Shanghai Exhibition Center (Route #2) and vice versa operate?

A: It operates seven days a week. The first bus will leave Shanghai Exhition Center at 6:00 AM and returns at 8:00 AM from Pudong Airport. The last bus will leave Shanghai Exhibition center at 19:00 and returns from Pudong at 21:00

Is there fix timing for the buses daily eg departure every hour or half hour?

There is no fixed schedule for the bus. There is a fixed interval of 15 to 20 minutes. For busy hours, it is scheduled with 15 minutes interval and the interval is 20 minutes normally. There is no definition of busy hours or normal hours. Mabe it depends on the mood of the operator. :-)

How do I go about getting bus tickets from Shanghai Exhibition Center to Pudong Airport?

You can buy tickets after get onboard the bus. You don’t need a ticket to get onboard.

However, it is a little bit wired to find the bus stop. It is at the gate of Shanghai Exhibition Center on Nanjing Xi Rd. (or someone call it Nanjing Rd. West), opposite to Shanghai Center (Shanghai Center is also know for the Portman Riz-Carton Hotel inside). Please check your hotel receiption for detailed walking direction – there is no bus stop there though.

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  1. Thank you for a very helpful webpage. Also, your photos are very artful – I enjoyed them very much.

    I’ll be arriving in November and I’ll be interested in seeing how much has changed at the airport since I was there last November (when it was practically empty). And this time I’ll take the bus into the city. Looks like fun and cleaner than the taxis!!

  2. I Have looked since one hour for shangai airport, and now I know there are TWO airports in the city ! my french guide book said “only one”

    thousen thanks

  3. Dear Sirs,

    On Friday, 17th January I will arrive at Pudong International Airport in Shanghai at 11:00 a.m. and then I will have to catch a flight to Xiamen from Hongqiao airport at 14:00. Can you let me know about the differents possibilities to get from one airport to another?, prices?, How long will them take? etc..

    Thank you for your help.


  4. Is there anyway I can go to Pudong Airport from Suzhou direct instead of taking the train?

  5. I arrived the Pudong airport about 8:35pm, I need go to Hongqiao airport afterthat, Is the bus still available since I need pick up my bagguges, it will be past 9:00pm?thanks

  6. flight arrives(at PVG) at bout 8 in the morning and i have to catch a plane on 11:05 to wuhan…will i be able to make it hong qiao incase the plane delays and i reach pvg at bout 9. PLZ help

  7. On Oct. 7th, at 5:50 p.m. my flight arrives at Shanghai Pu Dong Airport. At 8:10 p.m., my flight from Hong Qiao Airport to Wuhan departs. Considering the timne it takes to get through customs and the time it takes to get to Hong Qiao Airport from Pu Dong, will I be able to make my flight to Wuhan ? What is the time it takes to clear customs at Pu Dong, and what is the time to travel between the airports, and how long in advance do you have to check in for domestic flights in China ?

  8. On Oct. 7th, at 5:50 p.m. my flight arrives at Shanghai Pu Dong Airport. At 8:10 p.m., my flight from Hong Qiao Airport to Wuhan departs. Considering the timne it takes to get through customs and the time it takes to get to Hong Qiao Airport from Pu Dong, will I be able to make my flight to Wuhan ? What is the time it takes to clear customs at Pu Dong, and what is the time to travel between the airports, and how long in advance do you have to check in for domestic flights in China ?

  9. Hi Jian Shuo,

    I really enjoyed browsing your website and the helpful advice and information you give. Please could you help since I don’t speak Chinese and need some information about buses to Pu Dong airport from Hangzhou (on your site I can only find bus information for the other direction) ?

    Do you know please from where in Hangzhou the buses depart from and at what times ? Many thanks if you can help,

    Best wishes


  10. I will be arriving late in Shanghai about 2000hrs. Like to know how to get to Suzhou at this time.

  11. Go to Suzhou at 2200? It seems the only way is taxi – but be aware that taxi is 50% more expensive after 11:00 PM.

    The normal price should be something around 400 RMB.

  12. Hi Hi

    I m putting up in somerset Xu Hui. addr no.888 shanxinan Road. Shanghai 200031.

    what is the best way from pudong airport other thant taxis.


  13. Do you have the bus or train guide? Noticed that the only route map of the train service in Shanghai is on the ceiling of the trains!!!!

  14. Dear Mr. Wang,

    I wonder if you could help me out on this. I am planning for a trip to Changzhou sometiime early December 2003. What is your best recomendation to get there? I have try searching for information about he rail info from Shanghai to the destination but unfortunately…

    What are the charges and how flexible if my option is taking a bus or taxi?

    Thank you

    Steven from Malaysia

  15. hi, Jian shuo. do u know any budget hotel(abt200RMB) near shanghai train station? i need to catch the airport bus #5 to Pudongairport on the following day.

  16. Hi Mr. Wang,

    I will stay at Pudong Shangri-la. Please advise if I could take shuttle bus to the terminal in Pudong? What stop? and after that do I take a taxi?

    Thank you.


  17. We would like to take the airport bus to the Shanghai Stadium area–near the Hua Ting Hotel. I looked at the English and Chinese, but I can’t make out which bus is best. Should I take the #3 to Zunyi Road (and then a taxi), or is there a closer bus stop?

    Great site! Thanks!

  18. You’d better take Bus #3 to Xujiahui (the stop before the terminal stop Zunyi rd.) and take either Metro or a bus there. Most buses at Xujiahui go to the Shanghai Stadium.

  19. Dear Mr. Wang,

    I’m in XuJiaHui.I have to reach the Pudong airport at 7.30am can I take a bus?

  20. Hi, Jianshuo. I need to find out how to go to Wuxi from Pudong airport? Is there any shuttle bus that goes to Wuxi from the airport? Or do I need to get to the railway station in order to take the train to Wuxi? If so, can I book the train ticket at the airport?

  21. Dear Sirs.,

    I wonder which bus line is more convenient to take from Pudong Intl. airport to Captain hostel, which is located in Fuzhou Road (near the Bund).

    Thanks a lot.

    Kind regards


  22. Hi JianShuo, I have been following your blog site for quite some time now…it is such a great forum and extremely helpful!!! I have a Pudong Airport question:

    I need to get to Xujiahui, I think Bus No. 3 (to Zunyi Rd) is the bus to take? Do you know where in Xujiahui does the bus stop? I’m assuming near the center of all the shopping malls? Thanks for your help!

  23. It stops at the interaction of Tian Ping Road and the Zhao Jia Bang Road, just one hundred meters away from the No. 6 Department Store, the Grand Gateway and other big shopping malls. It is basically at the center of Xujiahui.

  24. Hi, we are 3 adults from Singapore and we would like to know the following:-

    1. How much is the taxi fare from the airport to New Harbour Service Apartment?

    2. Which is the correct taxi queue for us?

    3. Which taxi is most suitable for us (3 adults plus luggage)?

    4. Where can I get a detailed road map at the airport? Thanks.

  25. Hello Jianshuo, You website is so informative and helpful. Thanks for the great work!! I need a big favor from you, I will be arriving Pudong airport around 9:30PM, I will stay in Marriott Countryard Pudong (838 Dongfang Rd Shanghai). Do you know what route I should take, will there be any airport bus running in the night time. Thanks in advance.

    Frank from Boston, USA

  26. What is the taxi fare from pudong airport to the city centre, and also what is the cost by taxi from the city centre to wuxi.

  27. How do I reach Changzhou from Shanghai airport? How much does a cab charge? Are there frequent bus service? How woudl I get a train schedule?

  28. Hi, I want to go from Pudong Airport to Ramada Plaza at Nanjing Lu. Bus No. 5 stops at People’ Square, is that convenient? Do you know where exactely the bus stop is? Hotel shuttle bus line C seems to be an alternative. Do you know how much it is? Which is more convenient with big luggage?

  29. Dear Jian Shuo,

    You got one very wonderful informative website; beats the official categories web anytime. Even the Shanghai Expat site hahaha..ha..

    This is for a friend who is joining Language course.

    From bus # 3 is it easy to go to Shanghai Normal University and get a cab ? I guess he should get off at Xujiahui to go to the campus, if this is correct? Or is it better to get off at The Rainbow Hotel. Seem the campus for the foreign student to study Zhongwen is in Guilin Lu.

    The Shanghai Normal University website (English version) is not informative at all. They should post on how to get around for arriving students as they are taking foreign students in their programs.

    Anyway, my friend supposed to arrive at 6:00am in Pudong, so the Shuttle bus will already be operating I gather, as mentioned above in this posting of yours.

    Kindly advice.

    thanks and Have a Wonderful Spring Festival, wish you a healthy happy Xin Nian and prosperous too..


  30. hi! i’ll be going to china in october and it will be my first time. my flight will land at pudong airport and i have to go to changzhou on that same day. i was told that i must take a train from pudong (shanghai) to changzhou.

    1. what train station will i go to?

    2. is it near the pudong airport?

    3. do i have to take a cab or taxi going to the train station?

    4. how much is the cost going to changzhou by train?

    5. how long will it take from shanghai to changzhou by train?

    6. is there a cheaper way to go to changzhou from shanghai? if yes, what will i take? how much will it cost? how long will it take from shanghai to changzhou?

    sorry for the many questions. i hope you can answer all of them. please send your answer to my email address. i really need your help on this.


  31. hi! i’ll be going to china in october and it will be my first time. my flight will land at pudong airport and i have to go to changzhou on that same day. i was told that i must take a train from pudong (shanghai) to changzhou.

    1. what train station will i go to?

    2. is it near the pudong airport?

    3. do i have to take a cab or taxi going to the train station?

    4. how much is the cost going to changzhou by train?

    5. how long will it take from shanghai to changzhou by train?

    6. is there a cheaper way to go to changzhou from shanghai? if yes, what will i take? how much will it cost? how long will it take from shanghai to changzhou?


  32. I will travel from Fuzhou, China to Suzhou, China in November. I will fly to Shanghai first. How do I go to Suzhou?

  33. Can someone help me please

    I arrive Pudong airport in November and wish to travel direct from airport to Suzhou —

    Is there a direct bus from Pudong Airport to Suzhou ?

    If so how much does it cost?

    Will I be able to buy ticket on board ?

    I only speak English!


    Do I catch airport bus into Shangai – and find bus terminal ?

    I would really appreciate some help


    Posted October 30 2005 —

  34. Is there a connecting flight from Shanghai Pu Dong to Suzhou?

    If not what is the best way to travel.

  35. may you advise me if there is shuttle bus from Pudong airport to Wuxi international hotel? thanks

  36. Hi! i am in xujiahui and need to go to pudong airport. where in xujiahui does the airport shuttle #3 stop ? thanks very much!

  37. Hi i am in Minhang District, HuanZhen Rd. Tomorrow i have to go to Airport to receive my friends in the morning 6:00am. I want to go by Airport bus can you tell me how to go from here.

    Thanks very much.

  38. Hello!

    I am flying into Pudong airport at approximately 12pm, I then need to get the bus to Hongqiao airport for a domestic flight leaving at 6:55pm. Do you know if I would have any time to do anything else except get the bus to Hongqiao? What is the Hongkiao airport like? Would it be better to stay in Pudong for longer and than get the bus – at what time? – to Hongqiao?

    Thank you very much for your help in advance.


  39. Hi,I will go to Shanghai in this summer, and I need to go to Hongqian from Pudong in hurry, as I just have 3.5hours.I was thinking about take bus, but the things i want to ask is if there will be a traffic jam on the way.Hope can get your support.

  40. Hi,

    Which airport bus should I take to go from Pudong Airport to Howard Johnson All Suites Hotel that is situated at Yan’an Xi Lu? I’ll arrive at Shanghai on 12 August.


  41. Hi,

    I am a first time traveler to china

    On Sept. 2nd at 10:00 a.m. my flight arrives at Shanghai Pudong Airport.

    At 3:15 p.m., my flight from Hongqiao Airport departs to Wuhan.

    Please be kind enough to explain the followings

    1 What is the rough time that it takes to clear customs at Pudong

    2 At what time I have to be in the Hongqiao Airport

  42. Hallo,

    I am living in Pudong, near Century Park. Is there a shuttle-bus-line going to

    Pudong-Airport or to Hongqiao-Airport?

    Thanks, Renate.

  43. Hello,

    I am wondering how long it takes to get to the Hongqiao airport from the pudong if you take the shuttle bus, and also the time to go through customs at pudong. Thanks.

  44. please advice how much time and charges by taxi from international shanghai airport to changzhou

  45. It’s about 90km from PVG to Changzhou. I’m not sure about taxi rates; the train would definitely be cheaper, but takes a lot longer. Changzhou is on the Shanghai/Beijing railway line.

  46. DEAR SIR,




  47. I want to travel on the Maglev fast train from shanghai to pu ding airport. Does any one know how much it costs? I have tried to look for online booking options or any booking alternatives i cant find any on the web.


  48. You can buy tickets for the Maglev at the Longyang metro station (#2 Line). I don’t think it’s necessary to buy tickets online. I believe it’s around 50 RMB for one-way.

  49. Hello,

    I will be travelling from PVG to Wuxi at day time on Sunday,2007 March 25 by taxi.How much should I have get prepared to pay for a taxi to Wuxi ?

    Secondly, I need an assistant for translation/interpretation during my 5 days at Wuxi City.

    My preference is a lady. Where and how can I find such service? What would be the cost ?

    Thanks for your help in advance.


    Turgay Bilgin

  50. Hi,

    I am in hubei lu,and i have to reach pudong airport by 7 A.M.and i was wondering the no.5 bus which leaves shanghai railway station at 5:30 will stops in people’s square or not?and if i take the bus which leaves at 5:30,will i be able to reach pudong airport at or before 7 am?


    roshan shrestha


  51. Here’s a tricky one….

    My Boyfriend is arriving in Shanghai Pudong airport at 11:55pm on a Monday night. I lie in Ningbo and I want to go get him and bring him back to Ningbo. – It looks like I am going to have to spend a night in Shanghai since there is no trains to Ningbo till 6:25am and it could just be too cruel to make him stay awake fr that long waiting after 24 hours of traveling on 3 different planes.

    Why do ‘they’ say that the shuttle buses from Pudong to downtown Shanghai leave after “the last flight arrives” yet there is no buses from 10pm till 6am??? There really is no other option but a Taxi from the airport to he city after midnight?

    And how about any other options from Shanghai railway station to the Pudong airport after 11pm (when the last train form Ningbo arrives to Shanghai)

    Thank you…. I’ve been breaking my head over this one for a while.. Maybe I should just get over the fact that I must pay the taxi!??

  52. Hallo,

    I am living in Pudong, Near Pearl TV tower. I would like to reach Hongqiao-Airport and catch aflight at 5 Pm today evening. Can I take Line 2 train from Lujiazhui to Song hong road Or take a taxi after that Or train is only upto zhongshan park then i need to take taxi

    Please advice , I

    wrote the metro station names by looking into Map

    Thanks, Guruprasad

  53. I remember, in fact I saw one today of a red SUV-like taxi in Shanghai, would anyone know of the company name?

    four or five years ago there were a lot more.



  54. Hello,

    how do i get from Pudong Airport to La Residence Apartment at 98 Zheng Ning Rd., Jing An District, Puxi.

    Thank you.

    Jun D


  55. I will arrive 15:15 PM, Jan 4, 2008 in Pudong Airport.

    I will be going to suzhou (XingHan street SUZHOU,jiangsu Province ) from here.

    Please give me the best advice by train.

  56. HI ,

    I want to go pudong air port from Ningbo if i go to shanghai nangin bus station ,so from there i will get bus & how to go please tell me.

    Thank u.

    p c

  57. Hi Mr. Wang,

    I am wondered when i will be at the pudong airport on 24th jan it would be 11.p.m. allready and when i check out should be more than 12. Is there any way i can come to city center other than taxi and catch the train back to hangzhou? As i do bear in mind that there won’t be any bus service that late.Please advise on it with minimal cost will be highly appriciated.

    Thanks in advance,


  58. Hello Sir

    When i arrive Pudong airport i will go to Zhao An Hotel (it is near Shanghai railway station)…What should I do?? There are 3 adults and 2 child. I think one taxi is not enough to put all baggages. I know that I can take airport bus , it will drop us at Shanghai railway station and we will take taxi to go to hotel. Can you advise me ?? Can we take one taxi? or take airport bus and take two taxi when we arrive at shanghai railway station

    Thank you for your help

  59. Hi,

    I recall an airport shuttle bus #7 which goes from Shanghai Pudong Airport to the Shanghai South Train Station. Would you know what time is the last departing bus from the airport as my flight arrives Shanghai at 2205? Otherwise what is the alternative to get to the South Station as my hotel is located close to there?



  60. I am traveling to Wuxi in October for business. Do you know if there is bus service going from Shanghai PuDong airport to Wuxi? I am trying to avoid having my business associate drive all the way to pick us up– he is a new driver, and it is a long distance. If I arrive in Wuxi, he can meet us there instead.

    Many thanks in advance for any information, Margaret

  61. hi! similar question as above. 5 of us will be arriving in pudong international airport very late around 11:45pm. is the bus schedule the same as before…still only up to 1900 only for trips to city center? if that’s the case, could you please recommend a budget transpo alternative?

    maraming salamat! (many thanks!)

  62. Hello Jian Shuo,

    We are going to take Jet Airways to Shanghai and trying to figure out how to go to Wuxi afterwards. The airplane arrives at 1:30am in the morning. But the first bus to Wuxi is at 11:20am. We will have luggages and kids so would like to minimize moving around but we hope to be able to get to Wuxi as early as possible. What would be your advise: wait at the airport until 11am for the bus? find a hotel? take a taxi to Wuxi? I heard Taxi does not hold much luggages and it may not be easy to find one going to Wuxi.



  63. Hoping to take a airport bus from Pudong airport to the city with a stop near my hotel. I’m staying the Hengsheng Peninsular Hotel 205 Wusong Road, and I’m at a loss as to which bus to take. Also if I was to take a taxi now much should I pay ? My flight arrives at 9.30 PM so the Maglev is out.

    Many Thanks Lee

  64. i’m going to shanghai this september and i’m staying in regal shanghai east asia hotel in shanghai stadium. which shuttle bus do i take? do i take hong qiao airport or zunyi road bus? it used to be there was a bus which stop in olympic hotel but it stopped this service since 2006.

  65. Hi Mr Wang

    I’ll be staying at Charms (Zhongfu) Hotel and there are 4 of us (adults) leaving for Pudong airport. Since there are a few suit case and items, we intend to take a taxi to the airport. What’s your advice – whether we should hail for a taxi outside the hotel or book it through the hotel as we are told that it’s more expensive to get one on our own outside the hotel?

    Roughly what would the fare like and are there any additional charges (service charges, tips, etc) on top of the meter readings?


  66. Hi, just call a taxi on the street or ask the hotel to do it for you. Both are fine. There are taxi everywhere running on the street, unless it is raining or rush hours.

    Pay whatever shown on the meter, nothing more than that. You even don’t need to pay tip (if you want to , that will be appreciated, but rare).

  67. Hello

    You have very useful blog

    thank you.

    and now, my question is, i will arrive to pudong airport at october 13 at 08:00 am

    i like to go from ther to Yiwu

    i thought to take a bus to shanghai railrod south (witch bus line will take over there ?) and go to Yiwu by train

    do you have other idea? i will be happy to know

    thank you for your help.


  68. I live in Australia and plan to travel with my partner to your beautiful country in March 2012.

    We will be arriving at Pudong International Airport on Wednesday 28 March 2012 at 0700hrs on China Eastern flight MU 554 from Paris.

    From a study of your website I have noted that there are Hotel Bus Shuttle Services from Pudong International Airport to a number of downtown Shanghai hotels. We are booked into The Seagull on the Bund hotel for our stay in Shanghai but it appears that none of these services directly call at our hotel.

    I would very much appreciate it if you are able to advise me whether any of the services call at a hotel in close proximity to The Seagull on the Bund and whether we would be able to catch this service and walk to our hotel.

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