PVG to SFO in Febuary

Just packed everything according to a previous check-list – feeling so good to have a reference of what to bring to the States. I will fly to San Francisco tomorrow via UA858.

Looking forward to another exciting trip in the bay area. I am always inspired by the people there. Here I am coming!


PVGUA 858 20FEB 1334 0814

SFOUA 857 02MAR 1157 1745+1

I will basically in the Palo Alto area (Stanford!). Ping me if you want a meetup. Current schedule is very busy, but I am sure I can manage to get few hours out of it.

P.S. I am still flying with United, and I promise to change to another one the next time. I got one Sorry coupon on each way via United the last trip (first, second), but this time, I really had no time and not in the mood to seek for another airline.

5 thoughts on “PVG to SFO in Febuary

  1. Welcome to SFO again. You will have landed by the time you read this. I fly out today but not until late tonight so our paths will not cross this time. I am off to SYD tonight. The 747 is back on the PVG route on 28 Mar.


  2. I was thinking about where are you when I was sitting in the B777, and was wondering whether the captain speaking was you. I should always ping you before I fly, so one day I can be on board of your plane!

  3. Hehe, I saw you at SFO custom today, when you rapidlly turn right and vanish with your light-colored suitcase.

    It’s really a small world, I am just one of your blog readers for serveral years, though didn’t expect to meet you in person like this. :)

  4. My seat was 23A, I had my lugguage checked that time when you passed by. I work for PayPal and currently stay in San Jose for next month.

    Anyway, great to finally see you in real world~~ :)

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