Xinjian Road and Renmin Road Tunnel

Before I know it, two other tunnels cross the Huangpu River opened at the end of the last year: Xinjian Road 新建路隧道and Renmin Road Tunnel 人民路隧道. Along with Fuxing Tunnel 复兴路隧道, Yan’an East Road Tunnel 延安东路隧道, and Daliang Road Tunnel 大连路隧道, there are 5 tunnels in the area.

The Two Tunnels Connected

The interesting thing is, the two tunnels are connected. Cars from the Huaihai Road direction can enter the Renmin Road Tunnel, and exit at either Pucheng Road, or the Century Ave, or choose to continue to enter the Xinjian Tunnel to cross the river again to arrive at the Yangpu District. This is a brilliant design. Traffic from south of Puxi to North of Puxi (Yangpu district) will be en routed to another side of the river (Lujiazui Area), through two connected tunnels.

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