Long Lines for Avatar 3D IMAX

I was in the Raffles City today, and saw the long lines for Avatar 3D IMAX in the Peace Theater.

Peace Theater is the only cinema with IMAX in Shanghai that shows Avatar. There is another IMAX cinema in the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, but they would rather keep showing the 3D Moon Walker and other tech movie, despite the fact that IMAX is in huge demand in Shanghai because of Avatar.

That line is at least 10 times longer than the line before a train ticket window near my home. The line starts from outside the box office, winds all the way around the Raffles tower, and winds back to the box office. It may be 200 meters long. I took some photos in my mobile phone and will upload tomorrow. It is just AMAZING!

My question is, why recently, there are more and more things like this: So many people line up for something. The train tickets (every year), and now, a film ticket!

4 thoughts on “Long Lines for Avatar 3D IMAX

  1. Because Avatar is an excellent movie and is well worth the wait in a long line. Fortunately the IMAX I went to didn’t have a long line for Avatar. Just walked up to buy my ticket and then walked right in.

  2. Hello my friend,

    It looks like I will be flying back to PVG again starting in April. PEK too. I can hardly wait. I am sure there have been many changes since October.

    About the line. Do you think it is longer than normal because the 2D versions have been removed from the theaters? As I least that’s what I heard on the news here in the States.


  3. Because the film has been hyped beyond believe and it’s not even a good film! Yes the 3D effects are interesting but beyond that it is not a good film.

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