Started to Walk

Walking in Shanghai is a nice experience. I started to walk to everywhere whenever time allows – following Vince’s leads and best practices of loosing weight by walking.

I have gave up exercise for too long, since I broke my ankle. Hope to have some time to make up the time lost.

In Shanghai, and with my current walking pattern, I can use Google Maps on my mobile phone to search the driving path from point A to point B, and get the distance. Multiple the distance in km by 10 is the actual number of minutes for me to get there.

4 thoughts on “Started to Walk

  1. Well. It depends. Generally, it is not very safe since the lanes for bikes are often mixed with motor and auto. Avoid biking in downtown Shanghai. In Pudong? Maybe better.

  2. Could you provide info about Vince’s leads and best practices of loosing weight by walking?

  3. Yes it’s safe to bike! I live in Puxi and bike to work every day (about 10 minutes) and many other people with me bike to work/school etc. JUst keep an eye on your surroundings and it’s no problem.

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