Spring Festival 2009

This is the holiday schedule for China:

Holiday starts from: February 13

ends at: February 19

February 20 (Saturday), and 21 (Sunday) are working days!

P.S. Started to exercise in the gym downstairs. My food IS recovered.

11:04 PM

5 thoughts on “Spring Festival 2009

  1. I think Jianshuo was trying to say his “foot”, which was injured 2-3 months ago, has recovered. Good for you, JS!

    One thiny I don’t understand is why the Chinese government doesn’t announce its national holidays one year or even 3 months ahead? It often waits until less than one ago prior to the big holidays to let its citizens know when the holidays begins and ends. Knowing it early makes it much easier for folks here to make holiday plans, particularly for those having to travel far domestically or to overseas. Another thing beyond believe is the airlines jack up its prices to ridiculous levels. I checked United’s airfares last week. Flying from PVG to LAX departing after 2/11 was over US$5,000 round trip in economy. I was told it’s full Y fare. One way from PVG to SFO in First class was over $12,000USD when I check it yesterday.

  2. NICE!

    p.s. I never understand the logic behind switch the weekends for “holidays”… only two days, give people a break! What can you get out of the first weekend after the new year anyway… I think most people would be much happier if they get those two days as the part of the “holiday”.

  3. I hate the practice of working on the weekend to make up for the vacation too, that’s why at my office we don’t do it!

    Most factories already stop working from around Feb 9 to Feb 22, because all the migrant workers need time to get home.

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