ENFP is Incompatible with GTD

ENFP = Extroverted iNtuition Feeling Perception type of MBTI

GTD = Getting Things Done – a productivity methodology by David Allen

I bought a Moleskine notebook, and attached tags, and wrote my to-do-list on it, and categorize them as GTD suggested. It looked pretty promising at the very beginning.

In a conference, I met my friend Akio Tanaka (who should be of similar personality type as myself), and showed off my notebook. He asked: How long have you tried this system? I admitted that I only started two weeks ago. He said, let’s talk about it after a while.

Now, a while has past, and I admit, that to-do-list driven life is not what I want and what I am good at. GTD must be very useful for many people, and there must be some part of it suitable for everyone, but as an ENFP, I just feel that I am not compatible with GTD, and I am at the edge of quitting it (again).

I am curious to know what Robert Mao is doing with the GTD, because I GUESS he is also an ENFP.

5 thoughts on “ENFP is Incompatible with GTD

  1. We must read the same kind stuff. After reading “Pragmatic Thinking and Learning”, I had the idea to buy a Moleskine notebook. Unfortunately Picasso and Hemingway’s talent do not derive from such notebooks. I have tried the mind map and morning page techniques which work quite well for me.

    In the past, to learn something new, SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-boxed) has been at some point valuable. As for GTD, I still have to try.

  2. The “P” personality needs to be orgainzed by some method like GTD, but actually, human nature is hard to disobey.

    Maybe the best way to solve the problem is to use the best side of “P”, the creativity.

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