End of a Holiday without Wendy

Three days past so quickly, that I need to face a working Sunday tomorrow.

I didn’t feel well at begining (as I said, I felt like caught by flu), but I am fine very quickly, with temperature always between 35 -36 °C (my meter IS working very well).

Wendy went to Xiamen, and Gulangyu Island with her friends. So it is a dragon boat festival without Wendy. I slept for long hours in the last three days. Elliot Ng was right. If getting sick happens to be at the same time of a long holiday, that is a sign that I need some rest. There is a theory in Chinese medicine (which I don’t really believe in) that when people starts to slow down, the body gets a chance to get sick, something it does not have time to do when you are working so hard.

So, I feel I am fully rested already, but the challenge is, how to get back to the fast track tomorrow after sleeping days and nights for so long.

BTW, Yifan is very happy when he always can find his father around him. Even though sometimes I am just sleeping, he would come and try to use his small hands to make my eyes open. He is also happy to follow whatever I do. I stood by the wall, and he did it. I walked and he followed. I sat down at the stairs, and watch a book, and he sat down at another stair and played his red car.

Yifan is turning two years old the next week.

3 thoughts on “End of a Holiday without Wendy

  1. Funny, I must have been raised with some of these traditional Chinese medicine ideas because I actually believe that when you are super busy and stressed, your body’s “fight or flight” response protects you from sickness temporarily but then once you are out of danger’s way, then your body “allows” itself to get sick so you can heal.

    Glad you got some time off Jian Shuo!

  2. How could Yifan possibly be almost two years old already??!

    Only a very short time ago he was just a baby.

  3. JS, I guess I have to agree with the chinese medicine ideas because it is happening to me. I unwind myself over the weekend, sleep long hours and no PC. Now ended feeling dizzy and maybe lazy.. hehe…

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