Nikon D50 CHA Error with SD Card

Wendy just called from Xiamen (she went there with friends) and complained that she got a new SD card, and put it into our Nikon D50, and got error message “CHA” and cannot take photo.

I did some research and confirmed that Nikon D50 is incompatible with any SD card larger than 2G.

P.S. I posted a short message on my twitter about feeling like being caught by flu, and got many response. I am feeling better now.

7 thoughts on “Nikon D50 CHA Error with SD Card

  1. Sorry, I know is a little of your topic but is related to “finger” purchased in China. I have bought memory stick s in China during my past visits and every stick the actual storage space is always half to what it claims to be; can you comment if there is actually a logical explanation behind it or I just got taken every single time??????

  2. Thank you so much for this post it is confirmed – on a 2GB or 1GB will work on the Nikon D50. This post saved me a lot of time and money. Thanks again!

  3. OK, CHA is a generic warning that indicates the camera (God Bless it’s pointy little head) cannot connect with the SD Card, for whatever reason. 99.9 percent of the time this can be corrected by going through a set procedure.

    1. Take a soft pink eraser and erase in the contact strips of the card. In cheaper cards, these contacts get grungy, and if you get rid of the grunge the contacts will be clean and contact reestablished. With more expensive cards, that are gold plated, this is less likely to happen.

    2. Make sure the little “Lock” switch is in the “Off” position. If it is, flip- it back and forth between locked and unlocked a few times and give her a try. It works, sometimes, Allah alone knows why.

    3. Make sure its a 2 gig or less card. A 4 or 8 gig card WILL work in a D-50, but only if it’s been formated in a FAT-32 situation, like in a PC. Your dim-witted little D-50 isn’t bright enough to do this. It can ONLY format a 2 gig or less card. So if your card has become corrupted (A not infrequent occurrence, you will need to format it on a PC. You will “lose” the pictures that are on it, but the chances are you can save them with a good freeware file recovery program, since formatting doesn’t erase the files,. it just deletes the file headers. A good program should be able to save most or all of your priceless pix files of your dog licking your nephew’s face. Then you can reinstall said card in the D-50 and it should operate with great joy and vigor. JUST DON’T TRY TO FORMAT IT IN THE CAMERA!

    4. If, after you have done all the above, and the camera and card are still not playing nice, the most likely culprit is a fubarred card. Time for a new one. Get a 2 gig card or smaller and save yourself the frustration. If the issue happens with other cards too, then the issue is most likely with the camera. Try resetting it to default firmware position and seeing if that helps. If not, It’s SOL time and a trip back to the Nikon Service Center…

    Hope this helps!

  4. Thanks for the solution. I had thought it would cost me an arm and a leg to get it fixed.

    I did clean the contacts on my SD card and it is fine again.

    I also have an SDH 8GB. I hope it will work after it is formatted FAin my PC.

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